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Business Spew Generator

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The BS Generator creates blocks of valid English language sentences comprised solely of jargon, slang and nonsense.
The Symbiotic Highly-Intelligent Teletype generator has the capability to create phrases and sentences that conform properly to linguistic and grammatical rules.
BusinessSpew(BS) is that seemingly endless flow of acronyms, jargon and buzzwords that sneak into almost ALL business conversations. You see it in memos, reports, email messages and even hear it in telephone "con calls".
We have had fun developing this but the most fun is when you slip a few of these sentences in on unsuspecting colleagues as part of some 'real' business correspondence! Pin up an OFFICIAL MEMO on the bulletin board and watch the heads bob in agreement as they contemplate these deep business concepts.
Here is an example generated by the BSG:
Stop what you are doing and give me a status report on how you value strategic customized skill sets!!! Our strategy requires a zero-deviation precision focus, and we must harbor your defacto committees. Our solution is that we always amass median unary responsibilities!!! Our strategy requires a zero-deviation precision focus, and we must give birth to invisible distributed eventualities!!! Unilaterally, we should e-cumulate shifted outside-in action-items. Logically, we must self-direct all vertical webifications.

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Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor

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