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Bad Parrot

by Team Jessica Alba

A free online game that brings out the potty mouth in you and your friends. Some of the worlds most important questions need answering. You and your friends are a flock of potty mouth parrots that battle for the funnie...
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Real Life Social

by TimeHome

It doesn't matter how many friends you have on facebook if you don't actually meet them. Get real! Get Real Life Social!
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by Err on the Side of Too Much Bacon

Choose songs from millions of hits to make the perfect mixtape. Select cover art to make it look flippin' sweet. Give your mix to that special someone. Give them a Goodmix.
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Cooler Water

by Despacito

A GitHub hacker's chat
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by TopGun

A ranking to compare the performance of developers on contributing for open source projects based on commits, projects, periodicity, etc.
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by Pink Pokemons

Staffeye is aimed to optimize and speed up common people management tasks that you need to solve when working with a group of people. Once you've got your Staffeye account for your company, you'll need to describe the j...
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by Railsheads

Blacksmith is a tool to easily generate and manage icon web fonts out of simple SVG files. This gives you: * Infinite scalable icons (for high DPI displays) * Simple styling using CSS * Improved performance due to low...
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Kobayashi Maru

by The Glimmer Twins

Kobayashi Maru, a Star Trek themed card game. Each player has a ship. You play cards to charge your shields, repair your ship, attack the enemy and gather resources. There are three resources. Each resource has a cre...
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by SMIK Industries

Generate iOS6 Passbook passes for your medications.
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by method_missing

Listmetrics is a dead easy way to analyze and get insights into any list. It could be a marketing lead list or a student scores list or ecommerce sales list or just about any list. With Listmetrics, you can get in-depth an...
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Churumelas - small challenges


Ready to code ONLY inline challenges? Love regular expressions? Start your battle now! These app measure your skills by your answer time and size trying to create a relation from the time from read to answer.
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by Saul Goodman Has A Posse

I'm not always on Facebook, but when I am, it's because there are people I actually care about. Many Facebook users have many "friends", but few people they are actually close to. The idea of the app is to keep up with the...
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by Melbourne Mavericks

Are you trying to deal with an organisation that hasn't discovered the internet? Need to send off a tax form, or apply to be excused from jury duty? You might need to send a fax. FaxItForMe offers a simple service. Uplo...
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Guess The Friend!

by Arrr!

"How well do you know your Facebook friends?" -- This game gathers relevant information about one of your friends, computes a list of hints, and asks you to guess who she is from a set of 24 friends, by elimination. Bonus ...
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Rithmetic Rumble

by Hookers and Blow

Generate basic math worksheets and get PDF output in seconds.
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by Cider

Cider is an attractive, intuitive marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned Apple products. We make it extremely easy to create beautiful listings for the devices you'd like to sell, or to find the perfect device for yo...
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by Dreaming Code Monkeys

Get your Hair cut!
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by VTR

Nicews is a website where people can share workspace photos and tag gadgets, software and all the other things that compose it.
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by Mustardamus

# What is jQfork? Or, maybe better, what was intended. jQfork is a community driven jQuery Plugin Library. Users can easily log in with GitHub. There is a "Linkpool" where Users and Non-Users can submit relevant link...
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Make My Event

by Pune Warriors

The idea behind building the site - Everyone can not have their own website whenever they wanted to organize events like blood donation, running, cycling, tech meetup in their area. Anyone who wants to oraganize any suc...
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by Zero.One

Easy to use app to find, mash and share stickers on any subject. Upload your own sticker in any format and share it with fans or friends.
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Popup Party

by Luchadores

Popup Party allows you to bring serendipity and jovial happenings to your life in an impromptu manner. Whenever you party, we're there to help you get in poppin'. Disclaimer: Popup Party is NOT a hookup service, just a...
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Social HN

by Social HN

How many times you have seen interesting articles or products on Hacker News and not been able to find them weeks later? We got a solution for you. It's a browser extension which unobtrusively tracks your up votes. You ...
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Drunk Fanta

by Drunk Team

The application is a fantasy soccer game where users select their team and can play against one another and compare themselves on the leader board.
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by CodePath

Enter the destinations and estimates of your expenses. Share with your travel group and get the most out of your money. We do the maths for you.
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