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by Skookum Digital Works

With Bugle everyone in your organization gets an email Monday morning that asks two simple questions, "What did you do last week?" and "What do you hope to do this week?" Later that day Bugle will send out a summary ema...
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by Zef

PayParty helps you track borrowed money and expenses you share with others. Settle up with Dwolla's low transaction fees, or on your own. You can use PayParty on your own, but get more out of it when your friends sign up too.
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Rithmetic Rumble

by Hookers and Blow

Generate basic math worksheets and get PDF output in seconds.
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Composition Competition

by Coast to... Midwest

Composition Competitions lets you easily create writing competitions.
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by Blessers

Share when you get goose bumps when you listen a song / track.
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by The Lost Gems

India, great country but lots of bad toilets. Dirty toilets/bathrooms can endanger a person's health and happiness. We are out to solve this with...ToiletWarrior! ToiletWarrior is a guide to toilets/bathrooms at r...
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by Doakes Represent

A web based tool to allow people to connect with customers via SMS.
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Gist M.D.

by Brainspec

The missing markdown gist editor. Features: - Editing your markdown gists - Live preview of generated HTML - Code highlight in preview - Sharing link to your gist
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by Flick

Fly through your to-read backlog with! Do you use Instapaper to manage your to-read list? Do you have an impossible backlog of items to read? Flicky finds the patterns in the articles you've saved for l...
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by Pink Pokemons

Staffeye is aimed to optimize and speed up common people management tasks that you need to solve when working with a group of people. Once you've got your Staffeye account for your company, you'll need to describe the j...
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by Ruby Rookies

Factualize!it handles Facts, ie triples of (Subject, Verb, Object). Users can insert facts and by following the chain of generated relations they can also discover new ones.
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Kickstarter Swami

by Ono

Love Kickstarter? Think you know a good idea when you see it? Try the Kickstarterswami and see if you really have the foresight to predict the future. Vote for us. One last thing ... Rails Rumble rocks. Mega props to t...
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by Zero.One

Easy to use app to find, mash and share stickers on any subject. Upload your own sticker in any format and share it with fans or friends.
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by bitcandy

* Quick Note: Please use instead of the Rumble app url - our Twitter and Github callbacks point to for authentication! * If you have trouble authenticating through Github (as some have re...
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Tweet And Dare

by Satsun

Dare your friends to perform various actions. Get rewarded and cheered on by the public. The app uses twitter to send dares to other twitter users or to anyone that searches for a #hashtag. Discuss the dares, rate th...
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by Divshot is a tool for software teams to be able to easily create embeddable, shareable changelogs based on their GitHub activity. To get started, you can simply create a project and add a webhook to a GitHub account...
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by Infopoprac

We calculate GitHub users' experience based on several factors like number of accepted pull requests, popularity of repositories they contribute to, and more. Based on this experience, we generate Badge image which user...
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by Zombies on Rails is a tool designed to sharpen your card skills. If you want to impress your friends, find a girlfriend/boyfriend, or just win at poker, you came to the right place. (Sorry no gambling allowed here) Harnessing ...
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Whats the Wait Time

by ByteMe

Allows people to find the wait times for restaurants and allows restaurants to post their wait times online. Users can sign up for free on the site, and search for restaurants by name or the address. They can save their...
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by Liger Cheese

We're trying to help you find the best food in your area. Want to know where the best pasta in London is? Or do you want to find the best Breakfast Burrito in San Francisco. Let us find it for you.
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by admin123

Tourlette is an application that helps you find the best route to travel to any destination you choose. Add descriptions of the places you have visited and then create your new route. It's the best app to make your plan. I...
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Cooler Water

by Despacito

A GitHub hacker's chat
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Venue Menus

by Team Meat

Online Menu Platform - Make your menus searchable
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Rune Stones

by 4reason

Description not yet provided.
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by Melbourne Mavericks

Are you trying to deal with an organisation that hasn't discovered the internet? Need to send off a tax form, or apply to be excused from jury duty? You might need to send a fax. FaxItForMe offers a simple service. Uplo...
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