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by Team Entropi

Powerboard lets user create, view and distribute Web based presentations. See an example presentation here:
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Happy Geocode

by geocologne

The OpenStreetMap has tons of great data. But one big thing is missing: a good geocoder. In this rails rumble we implemented one. One that is supposed to be awesome and scaleable. As the backend database we used the new...
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by 48HOURapps

Description not yet provided.
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by The Lost Gems

India, great country but lots of bad toilets. Dirty toilets/bathrooms can endanger a person's health and happiness. We are out to solve this with...ToiletWarrior! ToiletWarrior is a guide to toilets/bathrooms at r...
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by Bitwise Operators

A self-updating aggregator for popular and new scientific content ranked by a combination of mentions on social media sites, the freshness of content, the amount of click-throughs and whether the content is open access or ...
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by Hooppers -

Monitor your online domains and check few SEO infos.
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by Pink Pokemons

Staffeye is aimed to optimize and speed up common people management tasks that you need to solve when working with a group of people. Once you've got your Staffeye account for your company, you'll need to describe the j...
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OMG! You Gotta See

by Imposing

TL;DR This site needs no introduction. Just start using it. You'll figure it out. :D But! If you want to know more, "OMG! You Gotta See" is a site to keep track of movies and TV shows you and your friends haven't yet se...
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Score Anything

by globaldev

Enter scores for all manner of sports and track your progress against your opponents! Manage your ladder and see your win/loss percentage. *NOTE TO JUDGES*: When adding players to a ladder, it says email addresses are o...
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Whats the Wait Time

by ByteMe

Allows people to find the wait times for restaurants and allows restaurants to post their wait times online. Users can sign up for free on the site, and search for restaurants by name or the address. They can save their...
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by Evrone, Jr

Personal recommendation service for Github repositories.
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by Singlebrook Technology

Crowdsourced emergency communication. TweetBeacon makes it easy for you to retweet critical information during an emergency. Sign in to become an amplifier for organizations that you care about, or request to become a B...
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Gief News

by Bergen Ruby Brigade

Submit interesting links, vote on other links and look at what the netizens of the blogosphere are voting up right now!
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by Melbourne Mavericks

Are you trying to deal with an organisation that hasn't discovered the internet? Need to send off a tax form, or apply to be excused from jury duty? You might need to send a fax. FaxItForMe offers a simple service. Uplo...
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Lean Wall

by ActiveEngineer

A place to work on business models yourself, with your team or with new people.
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by Red Indians

Pussy is Octo's girlfriend. They together wish to help you - the Engineers cum Project Managers to visualize your projects, milestones and tasks in a glance (and also to keep your bosses informed and happy)... Here'...
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Prophet Game

by Prophet Game

Prophet Game is a social betting game where people predict real world events and use virtual currency to bet.
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by Evrone

Locate all your mates on a world map so that you know where your remote mates work and where they have their vacation.
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by Mustardamus

# What is jQfork? Or, maybe better, what was intended. jQfork is a community driven jQuery Plugin Library. Users can easily log in with GitHub. There is a "Linkpool" where Users and Non-Users can submit relevant link...
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by Fovea

Making it easy for families and friends to borrow or lend to each other. Keep track of loan transaction, repayments, history and reports. Ensure repayments and enhance relationships through a helping hand
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Jingle Boogie

by Visuality

Have you ever wanted to post a quote from a movie as a punchline? Have you ever watched a movie that really sucked all the way, but had one really great scene in it? Have you ever wanted to listen to a short part of a vi...
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One Page

by ConnectCoimbra

Quickly create simple pages, even if you don't know what WWW stands for.
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by Starkast

Our application will remind the user about expiring domain names and expiring certificates. No sign up needed! Be sure to try it out with a friend (open the same URL both). :-)
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by Hans Solo intends to quickly answer the age old question, "where should we go?" With destinations and tips aggregated from popular social applications users will quickly find the best their city has to offer.
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Drunk Fanta

by Drunk Team

The application is a fantasy soccer game where users select their team and can play against one another and compare themselves on the leader board.
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