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by creeper_stache

Learn anything with LearnMeSome_! A flash card app using the spaced repetition learning technique. We send you email notifications when it's most optimal for you to come back to the site and re-run a set of flash cards. Th...
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by Shitcode

Allows to post shitcode from github to this site with Firefox/Google Chrome add-ons. Users are able to comment this code and rate it, it's rather funny, trust us! The goal of our site is to allow post peaces of shitcode...
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by Jeddak

Jeddak is a monarchy system that allows people register and claim territories around concepts of social media. In the long run, Jeddak Extreme should be able to map out lands of social media as the world's land mass wa...
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by Pink Pokemons

Staffeye is aimed to optimize and speed up common people management tasks that you need to solve when working with a group of people. Once you've got your Staffeye account for your company, you'll need to describe the j...
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by Agile Bastards brings Capistrano deployments to the masses. Select recipes from our library. Add your own. Download the Capfile. Ship it! Find our repo and gem at
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Rumbling Brook

by Cybernetic Meadow

This app is broken. :) I decided to go solo on this one, aimed too high and simply ran out of time even after choosing to only sleep for 5 hrs during the entire competition. I will be finishing it after the deadline reg...
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by Gangnam Style

BabyCasts is an application created to help parents all over the world to share and find the bests baby hints and solutions for the most unexpected problems. Cause there is always a first time to have a baby either.
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Cooler Water

by Despacito

A GitHub hacker's chat
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by ChimpDig

View photos from your Social Networks like you have always dreamed.
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by Melbourne Mavericks

Are you trying to deal with an organisation that hasn't discovered the internet? Need to send off a tax form, or apply to be excused from jury duty? You might need to send a fax. FaxItForMe offers a simple service. Uplo...
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by Littlelines

Floatt is a simple way for friends to stay informed on funds borrowed and split in your daily life. Join today to start seeing where you floatt your money the most and get paid back quckly and easily!
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by The Team

Make better decision by collecting the reviews from your friends, the real network.
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by Uptilt

Uptilt is the two player online card comparison game. Players draw cards from the deck and take it in turns to select a statistic, the player with the winning statistic takes both of the cards. The game is won by the playe...
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It's Who You Know

by Team Who You Know

It's not what you know, It's Who You Know. Whether you are activly looking for a new position, or just daydreaming about new opportunities, It's Who You Know is a resource for you to make real connections with people i...
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by Mustardamus

# What is jQfork? Or, maybe better, what was intended. jQfork is a community driven jQuery Plugin Library. Users can easily log in with GitHub. There is a "Linkpool" where Users and Non-Users can submit relevant link...
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by Incorgnito

A game where you guess your friends' favorite albums from their heavy rotation list on Rdio. You can play with your friends if you have an Rdio account. If not, you can play with a random set of users.
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Ideal Copy

by Atopia Chronicles

Browse the shelves, read the ebook. Ideal Copy is easiest way to find the digital edition of a physical book. Just enter the ISBN in the cover of the book and Ideal Copy will give you a buy link to the Kindle version. ...
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by Twoad

KarmaPools is a web application to help you car pool with your friends. The concept is simple: Drive, and you gain Karma; Ride, and you lose it. In addition, check out how much money you've saved and how many miles you've ...
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by Dreaming Code Monkeys

Get your Hair cut!
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Drunk Fanta

by Drunk Team

The application is a fantasy soccer game where users select their team and can play against one another and compare themselves on the leader board.
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by AccountaBill

AccountaBill helps you get things done by giving you a monetary incentive. Attach a dollar amount (something small like $5) and a friends email address to a to do item, and if you don't finish the task in time, they get an...
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GitHub Status Board

by def leppard

A more useful personal GitHub activity stream
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by WNY Ruby Represent!

SO LIKE YOU'RE THROWING A PARTY, YAH? And you want people to bring things. Nachos. Beer. Party hats. More beer. Maybe even a veggie tray? BUT WHO WILL BRING IT? WHO WILL BRING THE THINGS? That's what this ...
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by Eebu

Job queue for bike service/mainentance. (Not really only for bikes) demo account: email: password: rumble User story: - You have a bike repair shop. - Customer comes in with a broken b...
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Gamification At Work

by Violet Pokemons

The objective is to create an app that is capable of promoting the recognition of accomplisment at the workplace. Teammates can use the app to give recognition to other members of a company in several aspects. We believe t...
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