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by Codeo Sweethearts

Share free living space with colleagues attending events in your area. With Confofa, you can publish your spare room only to the people you want to know about it, only at the time that you're willing to share. Before accep...
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Wild Conserv

by Railsfactory - Illusion Creators

The Wild Life Conservation(WLC) is a awareness program, benefits both wildlife and humans throughout the world. WLC is the practice of protecting endangered animal species and their habitats. We do so through science, glob...
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Plan Swiftly

by Fu Yong Fighters

Share lodging information, assign rooms, task out purchases, organize carpooling and more!
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My Best Drink

by Las Vegas Ruby Group - Team 1

Mixed Drink Showcase
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Where is the Gangnam Style

by Rails Rumble Korea

"Where is the Gangnam Style" displays filming locations of Gangnam Style, the single by South Korean rapper Psy.
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by Dr. Rizzo's team

Step down memory lane and hang out in your very own Treehouse! Invite your Twitter friends and see their familiar faces. Video meetings don't have to be lame and boring! You don't have to use a desktop application that eve...
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by The Abricoss

Create awesome code and sell it with Gitiosk. Note to judges: On project pages (like, since our Stripe app in is Test mode, you must enter the credit card number 4242 4242...
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CV Maker

by GaldoMagic

The best CV management for programmers as You
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by Joseph Jaber

A context-aware identity and password management application.
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Koi Deploy

by Ennovators

Deploy your Rails app straight from GitHub to Heroku in a single click! * Automatic backups of Heroku PostgreSQL databases. * Never forget to run migrations. * Deploy from any branch, tag, or SHA1. * The safety of ma...
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The Cow

by Alchemy

The best way to throw a great party with your friends is here! Just invite them over! We'll do the rest.
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by Literate Minutiae

Gig Blender brings artists and venues to together to provide a powerful solution for artists who want to find places to play and venues who need people to perform.
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