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by Attested Development

ARSS allows you to take inputs from various sources, such as emails and github commit webhooks, and combine them into a meaningful output we call Parcels. The goal is to allow one set of disparate inputs become a cohesive...
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by Uptilt

Uptilt is the two player online card comparison game. Players draw cards from the deck and take it in turns to select a statistic, the player with the winning statistic takes both of the cards. The game is won by the playe...
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by AlphaTeam

Create document templates with placeholders. Then generate documents from your templates like a snap! One template - thousands of documents.
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by Choo Choo

CodeAge is a social game for Github users that helps to improve your Github activity by giving your badges and achievements depends on your projects experience. Reasons to use us 1. It's fun! 2. It's social! 3. It's ...
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Business Spew Generator

by Websembly

The BS Generator creates blocks of valid English language sentences comprised solely of jargon, slang and nonsense. The Symbiotic Highly-Intelligent Teletype generator has the capability to create phrases and sentences ...
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by The Lassos

Description not yet provided.
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by Code Slingers

A social site for discovering and sharing great locations to take photographs.
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by Saul Goodman Has A Posse

I'm not always on Facebook, but when I am, it's because there are people I actually care about. Many Facebook users have many "friends", but few people they are actually close to. The idea of the app is to keep up with the...
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TnT (tips 'n' tricks)

by HappyDaddies

See good tip in blog article or in screencast or maybe in RubyWeekly newsletter? Catch it! TnT is developed for making, keeping, sharing and searching useful tips 'n' tricks.
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by cyborgnation

A disruptive evolution in bleeding edge technology that will push the envelop of paradigm shifting mindshares and capitalize on the social currency of web synergy through proactive vertical integration and incentivization ...
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Skip The Queue

by Forward Team Deux

We've built an application that helps users not worry about booking movie tickets in the UK. You simply pick the movie you like, the cinema you'd like to watch it at, the time you'd like to watch it (morning/afternoon/e...
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Goose Feathers

by Blue Goose

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Canada Geese, Goose Feathers delivers your favorite webcomics in one neat bundle. Log in using your Google account to choose your set of comics; anonymous users just see eve...
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