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Quote Bin

by Yeah! Magnets!

Welcome to Quote Bin You've come to the easiest place to find and document quotes. Add your favorite quotes. Save the quotes you know. Find new love. Hot, steamy idea love.
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by Three O'Five

Say good-bye to paper forms...forever. With the Formbit app you can quickly and easily create a form online, generate a unique QR code to that form and then collect data using your unique QR code. Just sit back and watch t...
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by dtime + shaine

An application to help people figure out when everyone is free for an event with minimal fuss.
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by zendeskians

Imagine this: an office administrator is running around hastily trying to track down Brian Waylon, the Chief Marketing Officer of the organization because there's a guest waiting in the lobby to see him for the past 15 min...
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by CodePath

Enter the destinations and estimates of your expenses. Share with your travel group and get the most out of your money. We do the maths for you.
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by New Leaders - RED

Cadet is a cashflow-positive ledger system for consultancies. It is designed to encourage clients to pre-pay often to keep their account balance from reaching zero, while the team is logging their time and material costs....
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by unplugg

Your personal stats trainer. A personal dashboard of your life stats, from Runkeeper, Foursquare, Rescuetime, and others, that will be taken in account, analyzed and then our coach will let you know what you should or shou...
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Koi Deploy

by Ennovators

Deploy your Rails app straight from GitHub to Heroku in a single click! * Automatic backups of Heroku PostgreSQL databases. * Never forget to run migrations. * Deploy from any branch, tag, or SHA1. * The safety of ma...
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by method_missing

Listmetrics is a dead easy way to analyze and get insights into any list. It could be a marketing lead list or a student scores list or ecommerce sales list or just about any list. With Listmetrics, you can get in-depth an...
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Elephant Up

by 734m

Ever know you've seen a page somewhere, but can't find it again? With ElephantUp that problem is **solved**. Simply add our bookmarklet to your browser, and whenever you think you might want to some day see that page ag...
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by Choo Choo

CodeAge is a social game for Github users that helps to improve your Github activity by giving your badges and achievements depends on your projects experience. Reasons to use us 1. It's fun! 2. It's social! 3. It's ...
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Bark is a fun and simple way to gather and analyze opinions. See it in action by lending us your opinion: The results are available here:
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