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by Nick

UCommently is a serious for real viral startup that crowd sources and harvests "Funny YouTube Comments" for "Entertainment Purposes Only" (see GPL). License MIT © 2012 Nick Barth
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Koi Deploy

by Ennovators

Deploy your Rails app straight from GitHub to Heroku in a single click! * Automatic backups of Heroku PostgreSQL databases. * Never forget to run migrations. * Deploy from any branch, tag, or SHA1. * The safety of ma...
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by Large Hadron Collider

Tukio is event in Swahili, is a complete event management solution. Tukio works off your mobile phone, helping you plan your events, while helping you enjoy them, share it with your friends, and revisit them. ...
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by devdiva

personal goals & wish fulfillment
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Where is the Gangnam Style

by Rails Rumble Korea

"Where is the Gangnam Style" displays filming locations of Gangnam Style, the single by South Korean rapper Psy.
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Gaming Dwarf

by Gaming Dwarf

Let the Gaming Dwarf find the best games for you! Gaming Dwarf is a game discovery service. You tell him what games you play and your genre preferences and he will try to find more of the same.
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by Andrew & Mandy

LinkLurker is a simple interface for your bookmarks. Email links to yourself and they show up in your dashboard.
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Wave Music

by Ruby Floyd

You want to listen to music without having to download it? Check this out, just select your music and play!
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by Choo Choo

CodeAge is a social game for Github users that helps to improve your Github activity by giving your badges and achievements depends on your projects experience. Reasons to use us 1. It's fun! 2. It's social! 3. It's ...
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by Singlebrook Technology

Crowdsourced emergency communication. TweetBeacon makes it easy for you to retweet critical information during an emergency. Sign in to become an amplifier for organizations that you care about, or request to become a B...
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by Chunky Bacon

AniFier is a simple ongoing-anime notifier. It uses some anime trackers APIs (e.g.,, etc.) for watching for fresh anime releases, and notifies user about favourited releases.
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by Hans Solo intends to quickly answer the age old question, "where should we go?" With destinations and tips aggregated from popular social applications users will quickly find the best their city has to offer.
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