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My Idea Capsule

by UpTrending

MyIdeaCapsule is a place for you to socialize your ideas. You start out with any idea that you have (ie. wouldn't be cool if there was an app that X) and share them with the public & people you care about. People can help ...
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by is instant feedback. Create a quick poll and you get a short URL that's easy to remember and quick to share. Follow along as the results tick in, all rendered beautifully in real-time. Fol...
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by Slickage X Hicap

Nexus is very much like a wiki system but hides the ugly details from the user. It uses a very clean WYSIWYG editor and/or a markdown editor. The pages are then stored in a Git repository backed database, so you'll have ev...
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by New Leaders - RED

Cadet is a cashflow-positive ledger system for consultancies. It is designed to encourage clients to pre-pay often to keep their account balance from reaching zero, while the team is logging their time and material costs....
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Koi Deploy

by Ennovators

Deploy your Rails app straight from GitHub to Heroku in a single click! * Automatic backups of Heroku PostgreSQL databases. * Never forget to run migrations. * Deploy from any branch, tag, or SHA1. * The safety of ma...
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by The Romneys

”Hotline“ is an interface to the hive mind. Ask anything you’d like (human) answers, opinions or insights to and Hotline will send the answers your way – as they arrive. Hotline will also gather background information, ...
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Travel Memories

by railstars

Travel Memories is a social network to track and share your trips. Simply connect with Foursquare and Facebook to export your check-ins and favourite photos, as well as the friends who shared the experience with you. S...
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The Cow

by Alchemy

The best way to throw a great party with your friends is here! Just invite them over! We'll do the rest.
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My Ruby Toolbox

by rtfm

Service to save the accumulated knowledge and experience of working with ruby, ror and other
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by Choo Choo

CodeAge is a social game for Github users that helps to improve your Github activity by giving your badges and achievements depends on your projects experience. Reasons to use us 1. It's fun! 2. It's social! 3. It's ...
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by Literate Minutiae

Gig Blender brings artists and venues to together to provide a powerful solution for artists who want to find places to play and venues who need people to perform.
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by Platform45

Cinderella uses geolocation to reunite lost and found items with their rightful owners. Given a few basic details about an item, we compare descriptions to find a match. People often lose or find items at events such as...
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