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by Zero.One

Easy to use app to find, mash and share stickers on any subject. Upload your own sticker in any format and share it with fans or friends.
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by Git Push Git Paid

Road trip planning should be easy! That's the idea behind anyway. We wanted to provide you with one page from which you can plan an entire trip. Find places to eat along the route by dropping markers. F...
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by AppDreamers

Socialkart lets users do quick comparisons of products from Flipkart, the leading Indian ecommerce site, with their Facebook friends.
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Cooler Water

by Despacito

A GitHub hacker's chat
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Jiujitsu Team

by Carcará

Find out Jiu Jitsu's family tree. From old great masters till modern days.
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Password reGeneration and Synchronization Daemon

by Ruby Knights

A Ruby on Rails application that cyclically generates a new password, per user, per pre-selected amount of time (divied by day, week, month, month(n), etc). This new password will be the placeholder for new passwords on sy...
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by Large Hadron Collider

Tukio is event in Swahili, is a complete event management solution. Tukio works off your mobile phone, helping you plan your events, while helping you enjoy them, share it with your friends, and revisit them. ...
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by Dreaming Code Monkeys

Get your Hair cut!
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by Brogrammers

Jamin helps musicians organizing jam sessions and looking for mates to play with. Create a jam by specifying place, time and music genre. Add the instruments you need and specify which of those you will be playing durin...
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by Postscript on the Societies of Control

This is the first cut of a hopefully-long-lasting project where we will catalog and canonicalise ISBN records and serve the data to ourselves and others through a simple API. One of the challenges is to flatten our noti...
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by Codeo Sweethearts

Share free living space with colleagues attending events in your area. With Confofa, you can publish your spare room only to the people you want to know about it, only at the time that you're willing to share. Before accep...
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by Platform45

Cinderella uses geolocation to reunite lost and found items with their rightful owners. Given a few basic details about an item, we compare descriptions to find a match. People often lose or find items at events such as...
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