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by Shitcode

Allows to post shitcode from github to this site with Firefox/Google Chrome add-ons. Users are able to comment this code and rate it, it's rather funny, trust us! The goal of our site is to allow post peaces of shitcode...
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Guessing Game


Start guessing about your favorite actors, movies, cartoons, places, animals and much more!
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Urban Ref

by A Bird Just Hit My Window - No Joke

Are you a "mass-debater"? Now there is a home to test unique viewpoints in an exciting way! As a worldwide dispute-resolver, the Urban Referee isn’t afraid to make the difficult calls and judge the winner of argument...
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by Mosaic One

*** NOTE TO JUDGES... please be sure to allow the browser access to your location... it works SO much better when you do *** Volunteering has never been so easy This application was created to help connect volunteers...
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by Grumpy Cat makes it easy to find the best online sources for tv series and movies that are available for you to watch online or to buy / rent and watch offline. We aim is to solve the conundrum that it's often easier t...
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by Slickage X Hicap

Nexus is very much like a wiki system but hides the ugly details from the user. It uses a very clean WYSIWYG editor and/or a markdown editor. The pages are then stored in a Git repository backed database, so you'll have ev...
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by Gangnam Style

BabyCasts is an application created to help parents all over the world to share and find the bests baby hints and solutions for the most unexpected problems. Cause there is always a first time to have a baby either.
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by Flying Machines

Scratching my own itch to merge a bunch of timelines in one: fetching data from Github, RSS (I'd like to add Trello, Dropbox, etc.). Of course, it'll be open-sourced.
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Visual Novel Builder

by Radicals

A web tool for building visual novels.
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Repo Men

by 10to1

We'll help you move your repo from the loving embrace of Github to the cosy comfort of Dropbox or S3 while keeping your history intact. Once you login you'll be presented with a list of your private2 Github repos which ...
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by zendeskians

Imagine this: an office administrator is running around hastily trying to track down Brian Waylon, the Chief Marketing Officer of the organization because there's a guest waiting in the lobby to see him for the past 15 min...
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by Ham Doctors

service to Generate waveforms from audio
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It's Who You Know

by Team Who You Know

It's not what you know, It's Who You Know. Whether you are activly looking for a new position, or just daydreaming about new opportunities, It's Who You Know is a resource for you to make real connections with people i...
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by codepro

You know that moment when you are faced with the following situation: Ok with that hunger, goes in remission and: OMG! No food! That's what we're here! The supplr application help you survive - in fact it helps you to not ...
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by Mosaic 2

Download Amazing Deals and Coupons directly to your phone! Couponous is a platform built upon Apple's Passbook Technology on iOS6. We connect iOS and Android users with interesting deals being offered by Brands/Business...
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Composition Competition

by Coast to... Midwest

Composition Competitions lets you easily create writing competitions.
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by Twoad

KarmaPools is a web application to help you car pool with your friends. The concept is simple: Drive, and you gain Karma; Ride, and you lose it. In addition, check out how much money you've saved and how many miles you've ...
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by Cykod

Add Forms, Quizes and Polls to any Web Page. Works with any CMS's, Blogs, and basic websites that can load jQuery - See for an example. Achievin lets you drop a little bit of JS onto a site ...
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Learn Me Somethin'

by Fuck Yeah Rails

Education on the web has a huge disconnect today. On one end, there are people with questions that need answering, and a lack of quality content to satisfy their needs. On the other end are aspiring content creators with v...
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Owed 2 Thee

by Level7

Owed 2 thee is a free mobile lender management app. Buy someone a beer, coffee or spot them 5 bucks. This app will help you keep track of all debts and let you notify, remind and settle. Owed to thee also has a built in cr...
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by Mosaic 3

Weevu, a super simple online tool for getting feedback on anything you can upload as an image. Just upload it, give us your reviewers email addresses, and we'll take care of the rest. Your reviewers can add notes to the im...
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by bitcandy

* Quick Note: Please use instead of the Rumble app url - our Twitter and Github callbacks point to for authentication! * If you have trouble authenticating through Github (as some have re...
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by Foundation

Shipbot is a continuous build solution for Xcode Projects (iPhone right now) Wasn't able to finish—todos left where the build queue (got close to compiling on Ubuntu with Saurik's iPhone toolchain, but had to give up an...
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by WNY Ruby Represent!

SO LIKE YOU'RE THROWING A PARTY, YAH? And you want people to bring things. Nachos. Beer. Party hats. More beer. Maybe even a veggie tray? BUT WHO WILL BRING IT? WHO WILL BRING THE THINGS? That's what this ...
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by Fabulous Pandas

App to suggest boardgames you should buy based on your existing collection
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