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by double trouble

Listen to your favorite youtube videos togo as mp3!
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Gamification At Work

by Violet Pokemons

The objective is to create an app that is capable of promoting the recognition of accomplisment at the workplace. Teammates can use the app to give recognition to other members of a company in several aspects. We believe t...
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by Mosaic 2

Download Amazing Deals and Coupons directly to your phone! Couponous is a platform built upon Apple's Passbook Technology on iOS6. We connect iOS and Android users with interesting deals being offered by Brands/Business...
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by Hyena Warrior

A simple to do apps.
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Dirty Deckit

by LVRUG Team 2

Browser-based Cards Against Humanity (see that doesn't suck.
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by Zombies on Rails is a tool designed to sharpen your card skills. If you want to impress your friends, find a girlfriend/boyfriend, or just win at poker, you came to the right place. (Sorry no gambling allowed here) Harnessing ...
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Elephant Up

by 734m

Ever know you've seen a page somewhere, but can't find it again? With ElephantUp that problem is **solved**. Simply add our bookmarklet to your browser, and whenever you think you might want to some day see that page ag...
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by Awesome Wasp

Embed nice little book icons with one simple script
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Urban Ref

by A Bird Just Hit My Window - No Joke

Are you a "mass-debater"? Now there is a home to test unique viewpoints in an exciting way! As a worldwide dispute-resolver, the Urban Referee isn’t afraid to make the difficult calls and judge the winner of argument...
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by Mosaic 3

Weevu, a super simple online tool for getting feedback on anything you can upload as an image. Just upload it, give us your reviewers email addresses, and we'll take care of the rest. Your reviewers can add notes to the im...
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by Triforce Studio

It's like quickmeme for youtube videos. It is a retro throwback to the classic "Pop Up Video" TV show except with more trolling and memes.
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by Oi Oi Saveloy

An application for playing music in an office/group setting. There's a single player to stream the music and users get their own dashboard to vote songs up and down..... Fin. TESTING INSTRUCTIONS: We created a user ...
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by Liger Cheese

We're trying to help you find the best food in your area. Want to know where the best pasta in London is? Or do you want to find the best Breakfast Burrito in San Francisco. Let us find it for you.
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Visual Novel Builder

by Radicals

A web tool for building visual novels.
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by RescueJS

A service to catch unhandled exceptions in JavaScript. You add a javascript snippet to your page, and we provide a dashboard showing you the errors that occur in each browser, how often, and how many users are affected. ...
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Cooler Water

by Despacito

A GitHub hacker's chat
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Bad Parrot

by Team Jessica Alba

A free online game that brings out the potty mouth in you and your friends. Some of the worlds most important questions need answering. You and your friends are a flock of potty mouth parrots that battle for the funnie...
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by .rb is a simple forum application from Germany. note: github sign in works from the URL only.
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Rune Stones

by 4reason

Description not yet provided.
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Owed 2 Thee

by Level7

Owed 2 thee is a free mobile lender management app. Buy someone a beer, coffee or spot them 5 bucks. This app will help you keep track of all debts and let you notify, remind and settle. Owed to thee also has a built in cr...
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by Frogs Legion

Judges and Pastafarians we come with a message from his Noodleness. A message filled with meat, meat-balls and tomatoes. We believe that we can bring fellow Pastafarians together towards the great appendages of his Nood...
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Travel Memories

by railstars

Travel Memories is a social network to track and share your trips. Simply connect with Foursquare and Facebook to export your check-ins and favourite photos, as well as the friends who shared the experience with you. S...
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by Dreaming Code Monkeys

Get your Hair cut!
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by Chunky Bacon

AniFier is a simple ongoing-anime notifier. It uses some anime trackers APIs (e.g.,, etc.) for watching for fresh anime releases, and notifies user about favourited releases.
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by Annovean

Can’t decide where to eat? No one among your group wants to offer a suggestion? Let SettleEat help. Choose from a list of the most popular food establishments. If you still can’t decide, SettleEat will choose based on your...
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