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Guess The Friend!

by Arrr!

"How well do you know your Facebook friends?" -- This game gathers relevant information about one of your friends, computes a list of hints, and asks you to guess who she is from a set of 24 friends, by elimination. Bonus ...
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Speaker Voice

by Speaker Voice

Speaker Voice is the easiest way to add an audio narration to your slides on Speaker Deck.
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OMG! You Gotta See

by Imposing

TL;DR This site needs no introduction. Just start using it. You'll figure it out. :D But! If you want to know more, "OMG! You Gotta See" is a site to keep track of movies and TV shows you and your friends haven't yet se...
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by Twintend

Real-time web chat for teams with intelligent backlog, content filtering, file sharing, mentions, automatic link detection an embedded content generator.
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Score Anything

by globaldev

Enter scores for all manner of sports and track your progress against your opponents! Manage your ladder and see your win/loss percentage. *NOTE TO JUDGES*: When adding players to a ladder, it says email addresses are o...
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by RescueJS

A service to catch unhandled exceptions in JavaScript. You add a javascript snippet to your page, and we provide a dashboard showing you the errors that occur in each browser, how often, and how many users are affected. ...
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What The Track

by What the track!

It's an ultrasimple "less-is-more" tracking application. You can only track one thing, using only natural numbers, one measurement per day. You get a nice report by email with some simple metrics. For example: * Calo...
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Ideal Copy

by Atopia Chronicles

Browse the shelves, read the ebook. Ideal Copy is easiest way to find the digital edition of a physical book. Just enter the ISBN in the cover of the book and Ideal Copy will give you a buy link to the Kindle version. ...
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by Blessers

Share when you get goose bumps when you listen a song / track.
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by New Leaders - RED

Cadet is a cashflow-positive ledger system for consultancies. It is designed to encourage clients to pre-pay often to keep their account balance from reaching zero, while the team is logging their time and material costs....
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by Pantalones

ROFLbeatz is a web-based audio sequencing for mixing phat beatz! Vote up songs that you like to get them on the front page. Uses the advanced HTML 5 audio mixing API.
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by Large Hadron Collider

Tukio is event in Swahili, is a complete event management solution. Tukio works off your mobile phone, helping you plan your events, while helping you enjoy them, share it with your friends, and revisit them. ...
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Whats the Wait Time

by ByteMe

Allows people to find the wait times for restaurants and allows restaurants to post their wait times online. Users can sign up for free on the site, and search for restaurants by name or the address. They can save their...
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by Performing the Needful

weSpruce makes community service fun, and puts locals in control by turning people-powered community beautification in to a game! weSpruce is a platform that makes it quick, easy and fun to clean up your home town. Clean u...
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Travel Memories

by railstars

Travel Memories is a social network to track and share your trips. Simply connect with Foursquare and Facebook to export your check-ins and favourite photos, as well as the friends who shared the experience with you. S...
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Gaming Dwarf

by Gaming Dwarf

Let the Gaming Dwarf find the best games for you! Gaming Dwarf is a game discovery service. You tell him what games you play and your genre preferences and he will try to find more of the same.
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by Evrone, Jr

Personal recommendation service for Github repositories.
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by Fabulous Pandas

App to suggest boardgames you should buy based on your existing collection
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Elephant Up

by 734m

Ever know you've seen a page somewhere, but can't find it again? With ElephantUp that problem is **solved**. Simply add our bookmarklet to your browser, and whenever you think you might want to some day see that page ag...
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by humans provides an easy interface for combining audio clips that you have laying around and sharing them with the world. Great for trolling your fellow co-worker.
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by Singlebrook Technology

Crowdsourced emergency communication. TweetBeacon makes it easy for you to retweet critical information during an emergency. Sign in to become an amplifier for organizations that you care about, or request to become a B...
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Learn Me Somethin'

by Fuck Yeah Rails

Education on the web has a huge disconnect today. On one end, there are people with questions that need answering, and a lack of quality content to satisfy their needs. On the other end are aspiring content creators with v...
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by Platform45

Cinderella uses geolocation to reunite lost and found items with their rightful owners. Given a few basic details about an item, we compare descriptions to find a match. People often lose or find items at events such as...
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by TopGun

A ranking to compare the performance of developers on contributing for open source projects based on commits, projects, periodicity, etc.
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by Brasilianichers

"Awesome Dashboard for your Github Application", that's how we start to explore our application and the better way to describe it. The application's purpose is to give the user a nice view of common metrics in a github pro...
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