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Gamification At Work

by Violet Pokemons

The objective is to create an app that is capable of promoting the recognition of accomplisment at the workplace. Teammates can use the app to give recognition to other members of a company in several aspects. We believe t...
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My Idea Capsule

by UpTrending

MyIdeaCapsule is a place for you to socialize your ideas. You start out with any idea that you have (ie. wouldn't be cool if there was an app that X) and share them with the public & people you care about. People can help ...
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All These Images!

by Tampa.rb

Facilitating Inspiration for Design and Illustration! If you'd like to skip creating your own account, a demo account is available for use:, with the password 'fluffy'.
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Gaming Dwarf

by Gaming Dwarf

Let the Gaming Dwarf find the best games for you! Gaming Dwarf is a game discovery service. You tell him what games you play and your genre preferences and he will try to find more of the same.
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by ChimpDig

View photos from your Social Networks like you have always dreamed.
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Urban Ref

by A Bird Just Hit My Window - No Joke

Are you a "mass-debater"? Now there is a home to test unique viewpoints in an exciting way! As a worldwide dispute-resolver, the Urban Referee isn’t afraid to make the difficult calls and judge the winner of argument...
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by Fovea

Making it easy for families and friends to borrow or lend to each other. Keep track of loan transaction, repayments, history and reports. Ensure repayments and enhance relationships through a helping hand
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by Cider

Cider is an attractive, intuitive marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned Apple products. We make it extremely easy to create beautiful listings for the devices you'd like to sell, or to find the perfect device for yo...
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by AlphaTeam

Create document templates with placeholders. Then generate documents from your templates like a snap! One template - thousands of documents.
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by Half/Nut

QAid is the fastest and easiest way to find those annoying bugs that drive users away from your site. QAid's Bounty Hunters users will be your Q.A department making sure you keep your site regularly tested, making your eve...
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Visual Novel Builder

by Radicals

A web tool for building visual novels.
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It's a website made for your delight. Share your best trolls, find new ones, vote for the ones you like or downvote the not-good-enough ones. You can even leave comments to troll trollers !!
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Score Anything

by globaldev

Enter scores for all manner of sports and track your progress against your opponents! Manage your ladder and see your win/loss percentage. *NOTE TO JUDGES*: When adding players to a ladder, it says email addresses are o...
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by rubicuori

Find your twin around the world.
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by Skookum Digital Works

With Bugle everyone in your organization gets an email Monday morning that asks two simple questions, "What did you do last week?" and "What do you hope to do this week?" Later that day Bugle will send out a summary ema...
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Lean Wall

by ActiveEngineer

A place to work on business models yourself, with your team or with new people.
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by CodePath

Enter the destinations and estimates of your expenses. Share with your travel group and get the most out of your money. We do the maths for you.
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by Infopoprac

We calculate GitHub users' experience based on several factors like number of accepted pull requests, popularity of repositories they contribute to, and more. Based on this experience, we generate Badge image which user...
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by Eebu

Job queue for bike service/mainentance. (Not really only for bikes) demo account: email: password: rumble User story: - You have a bike repair shop. - Customer comes in with a broken b...
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Owed 2 Thee

by Level7

Owed 2 thee is a free mobile lender management app. Buy someone a beer, coffee or spot them 5 bucks. This app will help you keep track of all debts and let you notify, remind and settle. Owed to thee also has a built in cr...
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Kickstarter Swami

by Ono

Love Kickstarter? Think you know a good idea when you see it? Try the Kickstarterswami and see if you really have the foresight to predict the future. Vote for us. One last thing ... Rails Rumble rocks. Mega props to t...
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Jingle Boogie

by Visuality

Have you ever wanted to post a quote from a movie as a punchline? Have you ever watched a movie that really sucked all the way, but had one really great scene in it? Have you ever wanted to listen to a short part of a vi...
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Happy Geocode

by geocologne

The OpenStreetMap has tons of great data. But one big thing is missing: a good geocoder. In this rails rumble we implemented one. One that is supposed to be awesome and scaleable. As the backend database we used the new...
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Skip The Queue

by Forward Team Deux

We've built an application that helps users not worry about booking movie tickets in the UK. You simply pick the movie you like, the cinema you'd like to watch it at, the time you'd like to watch it (morning/afternoon/e...
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by Saul Goodman Has A Posse

I'm not always on Facebook, but when I am, it's because there are people I actually care about. Many Facebook users have many "friends", but few people they are actually close to. The idea of the app is to keep up with the...
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