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by Shitcode

Allows to post shitcode from github to this site with Firefox/Google Chrome add-ons. Users are able to comment this code and rate it, it's rather funny, trust us! The goal of our site is to allow post peaces of shitcode...
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Social HN

by Social HN

How many times you have seen interesting articles or products on Hacker News and not been able to find them weeks later? We got a solution for you. It's a browser extension which unobtrusively tracks your up votes. You ...
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by 146% Team

Imagine that now responding to your customers' appeals is a great fun. You get no spam or junk mail anymore, there are neither dispatching questions to one of your colleagues nor assigning of your own ideas to someone else...
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by The Abricoss

Create awesome code and sell it with Gitiosk. Note to judges: On project pages (like, since our Stripe app in is Test mode, you must enter the credit card number 4242 4242...
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by Half/Nut

QAid is the fastest and easiest way to find those annoying bugs that drive users away from your site. QAid's Bounty Hunters users will be your Q.A department making sure you keep your site regularly tested, making your eve...
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by Team Mindfire

While planning for a vacation/trip we used to search , plan , ask near and dears for suggestion and then finally come up with the final plan. Here is an application where you can plan your trip and mark the places where yo...
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by Bitwise Operators

A self-updating aggregator for popular and new scientific content ranked by a combination of mentions on social media sites, the freshness of content, the amount of click-throughs and whether the content is open access or ...
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by Flying Machines

Scratching my own itch to merge a bunch of timelines in one: fetching data from Github, RSS (I'd like to add Trello, Dropbox, etc.). Of course, it'll be open-sourced.
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by Hanbaobao

MapMySales is a garage sale mapping application. Shoppers enter their location to find and map nearby garage sales. The application gathers data from Craigslist (selected US cities only at this time) and also from posts on...
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by Dexter

ted stevens once said, "the internet is not something that you just dump something on. it's not a a big truck." this got me thinking.... what if it was a big truck. so i went on a mission. i spent the next 6 years of m...
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by belt-wearers

Every visitor to your site is a potential broadcaster of your content to hundreds, or even thousands of other people. Why not make it easy for them? ShareBar gets more clicks, views, and subscribers to your site in thr...
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by codepro

You know that moment when you are faced with the following situation: Ok with that hunger, goes in remission and: OMG! No food! That's what we're here! The supplr application help you survive - in fact it helps you to not ...
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by Jeddak

Jeddak is a monarchy system that allows people register and claim territories around concepts of social media. In the long run, Jeddak Extreme should be able to map out lands of social media as the world's land mass wa...
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by binarycode

This trendy web service is designed to help hipsters on their lonely hipster trips across the country. Got a spare seat on your Vespa? Get to know fellow hipsters that can join you on your trip and listen together to that...
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by Chazinho

Tired of feeling deeply hungry without anything inside refrigerator? Feeling your stomach rumble when neighbors start cooking some delicious food? Enough! With Rango™ you can find a place near you to grab some cheap, delic...
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by Pink Pokemons

Staffeye is aimed to optimize and speed up common people management tasks that you need to solve when working with a group of people. Once you've got your Staffeye account for your company, you'll need to describe the j...
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Visual Novel Builder

by Radicals

A web tool for building visual novels.
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Hand Warmer

by Boogeymen

Given you are on the go, when you can't check in then at least you can catch up. Hand Warmer is a Campfire client for your phone that is focused on those few moments waiting in line, riding the elevator, or walking down a ...
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by Nitch

Moodly is a data-gathering app for tracking your moods and emotional health over time, so you can analyze it for triggers, patterns and trends (good or bad). Moodly also lets you follow your friends and keep tabs on how th...
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by Prograils

ScrapsApp is code scraps collecting tool (aka snippets) with possibility to share them within a team or designated friend. App is created from need - almost everyday we have problems in office with sharing code - with one ...
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by gangnamers

This app would showcase a technology that let you add arbitrary metadata to your git commits, and track insightful metrics during code development - the example we provide is the one which best fitted an hackathon: caffeine!
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Guess The Friend!

by Arrr!

"How well do you know your Facebook friends?" -- This game gathers relevant information about one of your friends, computes a list of hints, and asks you to guess who she is from a set of 24 friends, by elimination. Bonus ...
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by Gold Leaders

Recurring income made simple!
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by BrandyMint

Potee - Simple Timeline Project Management System. How often happened, that, when working on multiple projects at the same time, you forgot about the business meeting or a planned release? Well, it happens sometimes wit...
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TnT (tips 'n' tricks)

by HappyDaddies

See good tip in blog article or in screencast or maybe in RubyWeekly newsletter? Catch it! TnT is developed for making, keeping, sharing and searching useful tips 'n' tricks.
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