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by Red Indians

Pussy is Octo's girlfriend. They together wish to help you - the Engineers cum Project Managers to visualize your projects, milestones and tasks in a glance (and also to keep your bosses informed and happy)... Here'...
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by Frogs Legion

Judges and Pastafarians we come with a message from his Noodleness. A message filled with meat, meat-balls and tomatoes. We believe that we can bring fellow Pastafarians together towards the great appendages of his Nood...
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by unplugg

Your personal stats trainer. A personal dashboard of your life stats, from Runkeeper, Foursquare, Rescuetime, and others, that will be taken in account, analyzed and then our coach will let you know what you should or shou...
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by Roundhouse

Trying to get to the mountain, but have no ride or nobody to ride with? We're here to help. Chairlift is a carpool app that is made for snowboarders and skiers. You can easily explore/favorite resorts, see current and fore...
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by WNY Ruby Represent!

SO LIKE YOU'RE THROWING A PARTY, YAH? And you want people to bring things. Nachos. Beer. Party hats. More beer. Maybe even a veggie tray? BUT WHO WILL BRING IT? WHO WILL BRING THE THINGS? That's what this ...
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by devdiva

personal goals & wish fulfillment
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by Evrone, Jr

Personal recommendation service for Github repositories.
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My Ruby Toolbox

by rtfm

Service to save the accumulated knowledge and experience of working with ruby, ror and other
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by Wizenews

Wizenews is a simple news reader. You can Sign In and import your Google Reader feeds and then you can participate in a more public manner to those news by voting them up & down and commenting on them, right from Wizenews!...
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by VTR

Nicews is a website where people can share workspace photos and tag gadgets, software and all the other things that compose it.
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by Scheve Pater

Your place to sell & buy gift vouchers! Kupong is a coupon distribution system. Enterpreneurs can sell gift vouchers free of charge. People who want to suprise somebody can buy a gift voucher. This gift voucher’s value...
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Drunk Fanta

by Drunk Team

The application is a fantasy soccer game where users select their team and can play against one another and compare themselves on the leader board.
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NameThis - A naming tool for coders

by NameThis

Names are important, and often hard to get right. Whether it is a Book, an Application, or even just a single Class in your application, its name defines its future, and sometimes, the quest for the right name even leads t...
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by Railsheads

Blacksmith is a tool to easily generate and manage icon web fonts out of simple SVG files. This gives you: * Infinite scalable icons (for high DPI displays) * Simple styling using CSS * Improved performance due to low...
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by BrandyMint

Potee - Simple Timeline Project Management System. How often happened, that, when working on multiple projects at the same time, you forgot about the business meeting or a planned release? Well, it happens sometimes wit...
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by Mosaic 3

Weevu, a super simple online tool for getting feedback on anything you can upload as an image. Just upload it, give us your reviewers email addresses, and we'll take care of the rest. Your reviewers can add notes to the im...
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Higgins Armory Museum Online Catalog

by Higgins Heros

Online access to the collection data for the Higgins Armory Museum ( This app allows the public to browse and interact with one of the largest collections of arms and armor in the Western Hemisphere.
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by .rb is a simple forum application from Germany. note: github sign in works from the URL only.
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by Codeo Sweethearts

Share free living space with colleagues attending events in your area. With Confofa, you can publish your spare room only to the people you want to know about it, only at the time that you're willing to share. Before accep...
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One Page

by ConnectCoimbra

Quickly create simple pages, even if you don't know what WWW stands for.
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by AlcheMad

Description not yet provided.
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Chores Corp.

by GreenRuby

Chores Corp. helps you manage your house chore with your roommates or family members in a very fun way. You receive cool badges and corporate titles for completing chores!
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by objetiva

Pin Map makes it easy to track any topic on a map and let's you share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, email or any website. Want some examples? Imagine you're going to surf in Hawaii and want to know the...
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by Performing the Needful

weSpruce makes community service fun, and puts locals in control by turning people-powered community beautification in to a game! weSpruce is a platform that makes it quick, easy and fun to clean up your home town. Clean u...
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by Ma... the MEATLOAF!

Twitrang helps you to keep track of the stuff you lend or borrow using your Twitter account.
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