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by Skookum Digital Works

With Bugle everyone in your organization gets an email Monday morning that asks two simple questions, "What did you do last week?" and "What do you hope to do this week?" Later that day Bugle will send out a summary ema...
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Sebastian CI

by Waterloo Napoleons

Open source CI project with tight integration with Github. Uses Vagrant to isolate builds (unfinished). I will continue to work on it. Please check it out at
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by pixtachio

Description not yet provided.
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by Team Mike Evans is a webapp that allows you to write a blog, and subscribe to others. You get a feed of all your friends blog posts, and will generate recommendations over time using collaborative filtering. Blog posts use th...
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by widdly scuds

Collaborative translation for youtube videos. Generates subtitles
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by Andy Macdonald

Dead simple test data. Generate test data in whatever format you need with progLipsum. It provides you with the ability to define your own custom data format, integrate many common variables, and generate as many record...
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by 146% Team

Imagine that now responding to your customers' appeals is a great fun. You get no spam or junk mail anymore, there are neither dispatching questions to one of your colleagues nor assigning of your own ideas to someone else...
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Gist M.D.

by Brainspec

The missing markdown gist editor. Features: - Editing your markdown gists - Live preview of generated HTML - Code highlight in preview - Sharing link to your gist
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by wubwub

noti-fu is simple notifications hub. You can create events, configure notification transport and its options and get link to event. One event fired, You will be notified through selected transports. If there are a lot of s...
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Urban Ref

by A Bird Just Hit My Window - No Joke

Are you a "mass-debater"? Now there is a home to test unique viewpoints in an exciting way! As a worldwide dispute-resolver, the Urban Referee isn’t afraid to make the difficult calls and judge the winner of argument...
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Kickstarter Swami

by Ono

Love Kickstarter? Think you know a good idea when you see it? Try the Kickstarterswami and see if you really have the foresight to predict the future. Vote for us. One last thing ... Rails Rumble rocks. Mega props to t...
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by Yexio

Yexio = YouTube + Vh1's Popup Video
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by Verx

Blogging has always been such a hassle. Volla tries to remove the pain, by being as simple as it can. You sign in with Twitter, write your article, and boom. You're done. You can tweet it, copy the link and email it to ...
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Amicus Venator

by RailsFactory-Kings

We can track our friends and get the live updates and current location details from friends that will be showcase to friends by using gmap.
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by Goro

Snappy Schedules is a super-simple shift scheduling app for the service industry.
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Visual Novel Builder

by Radicals

A web tool for building visual novels.
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by Railsheads

Blacksmith is a tool to easily generate and manage icon web fonts out of simple SVG files. This gives you: * Infinite scalable icons (for high DPI displays) * Simple styling using CSS * Improved performance due to low...
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by Mosaic One

*** NOTE TO JUDGES... please be sure to allow the browser access to your location... it works SO much better when you do *** Volunteering has never been so easy This application was created to help connect volunteers...
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by The Team

Make better decision by collecting the reviews from your friends, the real network.
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Send to Phone

by Hotpot

SEND TO PHONE is a website that allows you to send links and other information from your web browser to your Android device. By installing our bookmarklet to your browser, you can seamlessly send text, links, files to y...
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Do you enjoy MMA? Give us your bets. drives you through an easy and fun way to challenge your MMA knowledge. Enjoy MMA but not an addicted? No problem! looks for a fair way that will make it cool for ...
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by belt-wearers

Every visitor to your site is a potential broadcaster of your content to hundreds, or even thousands of other people. Why not make it easy for them? ShareBar gets more clicks, views, and subscribers to your site in thr...
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by C42 Engineering

Command bar for web applications.
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Guess The Friend!

by Arrr!

"How well do you know your Facebook friends?" -- This game gathers relevant information about one of your friends, computes a list of hints, and asks you to guess who she is from a set of 24 friends, by elimination. Bonus ...
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Repo Men

by 10to1

We'll help you move your repo from the loving embrace of Github to the cosy comfort of Dropbox or S3 while keeping your history intact. Once you login you'll be presented with a list of your private2 Github repos which ...
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