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Password reGeneration and Synchronization Daemon

by Ruby Knights

A Ruby on Rails application that cyclically generates a new password, per user, per pre-selected amount of time (divied by day, week, month, month(n), etc). This new password will be the placeholder for new passwords on sy...
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by Divshot is a tool for software teams to be able to easily create embeddable, shareable changelogs based on their GitHub activity. To get started, you can simply create a project and add a webhook to a GitHub account...
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by CodePath

Enter the destinations and estimates of your expenses. Share with your travel group and get the most out of your money. We do the maths for you.
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Send to Phone

by Hotpot

SEND TO PHONE is a website that allows you to send links and other information from your web browser to your Android device. By installing our bookmarklet to your browser, you can seamlessly send text, links, files to y...
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by Blessers

Share when you get goose bumps when you listen a song / track.
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by Hello Joe

Brainload is a social, github-like portal for smart flash card deck building and review. Brainload is a flash card application: create, share, and study decks of flash cards. 1. Create an account or log in using a t...
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by Chillbro Swaggins

WhereToSweat connects the health and fitness community by allowing users to vote and comment on gyms, studios, instructors, or whatever.
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by Readify

Deliver your content to e-Readers. Painlessly. For integration example go to:
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by method_missing

Listmetrics is a dead easy way to analyze and get insights into any list. It could be a marketing lead list or a student scores list or ecommerce sales list or just about any list. With Listmetrics, you can get in-depth an...
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by Roundhouse

Trying to get to the mountain, but have no ride or nobody to ride with? We're here to help. Chairlift is a carpool app that is made for snowboarders and skiers. You can easily explore/favorite resorts, see current and fore...
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by Gangnam Style

BabyCasts is an application created to help parents all over the world to share and find the bests baby hints and solutions for the most unexpected problems. Cause there is always a first time to have a baby either.
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by admin123

Tourlette is an application that helps you find the best route to travel to any destination you choose. Add descriptions of the places you have visited and then create your new route. It's the best app to make your plan. I...
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by rubicuori

Find your twin around the world.
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Gist M.D.

by Brainspec

The missing markdown gist editor. Features: - Editing your markdown gists - Live preview of generated HTML - Code highlight in preview - Sharing link to your gist
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by MoshTronics

Kumoboard is a high score and leader board service aimed to developers that needs a high score and leader board system for their app, game or whatever it can be. Kumoboard offers a very simple API that lets you perform ...
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Elephant Up

by 734m

Ever know you've seen a page somewhere, but can't find it again? With ElephantUp that problem is **solved**. Simply add our bookmarklet to your browser, and whenever you think you might want to some day see that page ag...
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by Lost Doughnuts

This is a music player. What I hate is going over to a party or a bar and there is always one of two things that happen. Either there can be the same CD or small setlist that you wish you could add to, or there is a bar ...
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Learn Me Somethin'

by Fuck Yeah Rails

Education on the web has a huge disconnect today. On one end, there are people with questions that need answering, and a lack of quality content to satisfy their needs. On the other end are aspiring content creators with v...
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Date Night!

by Close Enough

Date Night! Ever have trouble finding new and fun things to do for a night out on the town? Date Night will help you find that by showing you all sorts of cool stuff in a certain area. Want to see whats close to your...
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Dear Friend

by Dear Friend

Receiving handwritten letters is much more awesome than emails. Now you have a new way to send messages to special ones. The best part: you do it supporting people, groups and communities. Dear Friends are handwritte...
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Gief News

by Bergen Ruby Brigade

Submit interesting links, vote on other links and look at what the netizens of the blogosphere are voting up right now!
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by Melbourne Mavericks

Are you trying to deal with an organisation that hasn't discovered the internet? Need to send off a tax form, or apply to be excused from jury duty? You might need to send a fax. FaxItForMe offers a simple service. Uplo...
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by Annovean

Can’t decide where to eat? No one among your group wants to offer a suggestion? Let SettleEat help. Choose from a list of the most popular food establishments. If you still can’t decide, SettleEat will choose based on your...
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Clear Classes

by Decoder

An application for students and teachers to easily view/create grades, quizzes, course materials and more.
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by Ruby Rookies

Factualize!it handles Facts, ie triples of (Subject, Verb, Object). Users can insert facts and by following the chain of generated relations they can also discover new ones.
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