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by Khaos X

A (hipster) social Dashboard
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Whats the Wait Time

by ByteMe

Allows people to find the wait times for restaurants and allows restaurants to post their wait times online. Users can sign up for free on the site, and search for restaurants by name or the address. They can save their...
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by Half/Nut

QAid is the fastest and easiest way to find those annoying bugs that drive users away from your site. QAid's Bounty Hunters users will be your Q.A department making sure you keep your site regularly tested, making your eve...
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by Annovean

Can’t decide where to eat? No one among your group wants to offer a suggestion? Let SettleEat help. Choose from a list of the most popular food establishments. If you still can’t decide, SettleEat will choose based on your...
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TnT (tips 'n' tricks)

by HappyDaddies

See good tip in blog article or in screencast or maybe in RubyWeekly newsletter? Catch it! TnT is developed for making, keeping, sharing and searching useful tips 'n' tricks.
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Kobayashi Maru

by The Glimmer Twins

Kobayashi Maru, a Star Trek themed card game. Each player has a ship. You play cards to charge your shields, repair your ship, attack the enemy and gather resources. There are three resources. Each resource has a cre...
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Prophet Game

by Prophet Game

Prophet Game is a social betting game where people predict real world events and use virtual currency to bet.
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by rubicuori

Find your twin around the world.
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by Awesome Wasp

Embed nice little book icons with one simple script
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by cyborgnation

A disruptive evolution in bleeding edge technology that will push the envelop of paradigm shifting mindshares and capitalize on the social currency of web synergy through proactive vertical integration and incentivization ...
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Rithmetic Rumble

by Hookers and Blow

Generate basic math worksheets and get PDF output in seconds.
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by The Team

Make better decision by collecting the reviews from your friends, the real network.
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by New Leaders - RED

Cadet is a cashflow-positive ledger system for consultancies. It is designed to encourage clients to pre-pay often to keep their account balance from reaching zero, while the team is logging their time and material costs....
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Billion Bottles

by Billion Bottles

Billion Bottles is an anonymous social messaging application. Throw a message in a bottle into the ocean and it will be picked up and read by another Billion Bottles user. They have the option of throwing the bottle back...
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by Zero.One

Easy to use app to find, mash and share stickers on any subject. Upload your own sticker in any format and share it with fans or friends.
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Ideal Copy

by Atopia Chronicles

Browse the shelves, read the ebook. Ideal Copy is easiest way to find the digital edition of a physical book. Just enter the ISBN in the cover of the book and Ideal Copy will give you a buy link to the Kindle version. ...
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by Saul Goodman Has A Posse

I'm not always on Facebook, but when I am, it's because there are people I actually care about. Many Facebook users have many "friends", but few people they are actually close to. The idea of the app is to keep up with the...
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Hand Warmer

by Boogeymen

Given you are on the go, when you can't check in then at least you can catch up. Hand Warmer is a Campfire client for your phone that is focused on those few moments waiting in line, riding the elevator, or walking down a ...
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by Team Entropi

Powerboard lets user create, view and distribute Web based presentations. See an example presentation here:
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GitHub Status Board

by def leppard

A more useful personal GitHub activity stream
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by Hello Joe

Brainload is a social, github-like portal for smart flash card deck building and review. Brainload is a flash card application: create, share, and study decks of flash cards. 1. Create an account or log in using a t...
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by Andy Macdonald

Dead simple test data. Generate test data in whatever format you need with progLipsum. It provides you with the ability to define your own custom data format, integrate many common variables, and generate as many record...
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AIO combines BPM and ERP. Standard Rails Actions are mapped to business process steps. Business processes are started as business processes instances and tracked using tokens. The edit_aio and update_aio action encapsulate...
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Rune Stones

by 4reason

Description not yet provided.
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Folder Chute

by Mandelbrots

Why is still hard to share files with your friends and co-workers? What if sharing was just a link away? Pick your folder on Dropbox, Drive, Skydrive or almost any other service and send your friends a link to your files i...
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