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Your Turn!

by BoredGamers

We're addicted to board games, so we made an app to keep up with our scores over time.
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by AlcheMad

Description not yet provided.
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by <guten>

Following hashtags on Twitter can be difficult. As a business owner, or social media manager, you want to track the conversation on Twitter, but it's difficult from existing tools to gain insight at the hashtag level. Th...
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by is instant feedback. Create a quick poll and you get a short URL that's easy to remember and quick to share. Follow along as the results tick in, all rendered beautifully in real-time. Fol...
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Wave Music

by Ruby Floyd

You want to listen to music without having to download it? Check this out, just select your music and play!
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Chores Corp.

by GreenRuby

Chores Corp. helps you manage your house chore with your roommates or family members in a very fun way. You receive cool badges and corporate titles for completing chores!
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by Dexter

ted stevens once said, "the internet is not something that you just dump something on. it's not a a big truck." this got me thinking.... what if it was a big truck. so i went on a mission. i spent the next 6 years of m...
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by wubwub

noti-fu is simple notifications hub. You can create events, configure notification transport and its options and get link to event. One event fired, You will be notified through selected transports. If there are a lot of s...
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Hand Warmer

by Boogeymen

Given you are on the go, when you can't check in then at least you can catch up. Hand Warmer is a Campfire client for your phone that is focused on those few moments waiting in line, riding the elevator, or walking down a ...
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by Loki

A band management app for (initially) marching bands. Managers of these bands currently do manual work to keep various things about the band up to date. This includes updating and querying band member information, amoun...
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by devdiva

personal goals & wish fulfillment
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by Lost Doughnuts

This is a music player. What I hate is going over to a party or a bar and there is always one of two things that happen. Either there can be the same CD or small setlist that you wish you could add to, or there is a bar ...
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Folder Chute

by Mandelbrots

Why is still hard to share files with your friends and co-workers? What if sharing was just a link away? Pick your folder on Dropbox, Drive, Skydrive or almost any other service and send your friends a link to your files i...
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Deploy Button

by Team Lizi

Deploy button makes it easy to deploy any site as easy as one click. Hooks Github/Dropbox along with Heroku/Capistrano/SSH/SFTP to provide the easiest deploy trigger ever. --Team Lizi
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by Three O'Five

Say good-bye to paper forms...forever. With the Formbit app you can quickly and easily create a form online, generate a unique QR code to that form and then collect data using your unique QR code. Just sit back and watch t...
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by Khaos X

A (hipster) social Dashboard
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My Ruby Toolbox

by rtfm

Service to save the accumulated knowledge and experience of working with ruby, ror and other
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by TopGun

A ranking to compare the performance of developers on contributing for open source projects based on commits, projects, periodicity, etc.
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by creeper_stache

Learn anything with LearnMeSome_! A flash card app using the spaced repetition learning technique. We send you email notifications when it's most optimal for you to come back to the site and re-run a set of flash cards. Th...
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Real Life Social

by TimeHome

It doesn't matter how many friends you have on facebook if you don't actually meet them. Get real! Get Real Life Social!
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Web console

by just enother team

Some things is easier to do in command line. I tried to make command line for web apps (client side). This application make rails console available in browser. Also can be used as any kind of consoles. Included example ...
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by AppDreamers

Socialkart lets users do quick comparisons of products from Flipkart, the leading Indian ecommerce site, with their Facebook friends.
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by Kings of the Lab

Organize dinner parties and household cooking by letting people claim what to bring and what is needed.
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by Agile Bastards brings Capistrano deployments to the masses. Select recipes from our library. Add your own. Download the Capfile. Ship it! Find our repo and gem at
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by SMIK Industries

Generate iOS6 Passbook passes for your medications.
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