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My Best Drink

by Las Vegas Ruby Group - Team 1

Mixed Drink Showcase
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by Fabulous Pandas

App to suggest boardgames you should buy based on your existing collection
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by continuum

It's time to pay foy your sins to save your soul! Be redeem helping charity organizations causes to change the world So keep sinning, then help charity organizations on the way
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Kickstarter Swami

by Ono

Love Kickstarter? Think you know a good idea when you see it? Try the Kickstarterswami and see if you really have the foresight to predict the future. Vote for us. One last thing ... Rails Rumble rocks. Mega props to t...
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by Dr. Rizzo's team

Step down memory lane and hang out in your very own Treehouse! Invite your Twitter friends and see their familiar faces. Video meetings don't have to be lame and boring! You don't have to use a desktop application that eve...
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by Git Push Git Paid

Road trip planning should be easy! That's the idea behind anyway. We wanted to provide you with one page from which you can plan an entire trip. Find places to eat along the route by dropping markers. F...
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by Twenty Percent

Create {{adjective}} stories to {{verb}} with your {{noun}}!
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by Liger Cheese

We're trying to help you find the best food in your area. Want to know where the best pasta in London is? Or do you want to find the best Breakfast Burrito in San Francisco. Let us find it for you.
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by Kings of the Lab

Organize dinner parties and household cooking by letting people claim what to bring and what is needed.
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by Mosaic One

*** NOTE TO JUDGES... please be sure to allow the browser access to your location... it works SO much better when you do *** Volunteering has never been so easy This application was created to help connect volunteers...
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by Fanaticos de Waveya

Youlist is a free online on-demand music player based in the biggest music library ever known, Youtube. Make your online music playlists and share it with your friends. The application can be used (almost) also in iPad ...
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Clear Classes

by Decoder

An application for students and teachers to easily view/create grades, quizzes, course materials and more.
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Repo Men

by 10to1

We'll help you move your repo from the loving embrace of Github to the cosy comfort of Dropbox or S3 while keeping your history intact. Once you login you'll be presented with a list of your private2 Github repos which ...
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by Hanbaobao

MapMySales is a garage sale mapping application. Shoppers enter their location to find and map nearby garage sales. The application gathers data from Craigslist (selected US cities only at this time) and also from posts on...
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by binarycode

This trendy web service is designed to help hipsters on their lonely hipster trips across the country. Got a spare seat on your Vespa? Get to know fellow hipsters that can join you on your trip and listen together to that...
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by Nitch

Moodly is a data-gathering app for tracking your moods and emotional health over time, so you can analyze it for triggers, patterns and trends (good or bad). Moodly also lets you follow your friends and keep tabs on how th...
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by Mosaic 2

Download Amazing Deals and Coupons directly to your phone! Couponous is a platform built upon Apple's Passbook Technology on iOS6. We connect iOS and Android users with interesting deals being offered by Brands/Business...
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My Idea Capsule

by UpTrending

MyIdeaCapsule is a place for you to socialize your ideas. You start out with any idea that you have (ie. wouldn't be cool if there was an app that X) and share them with the public & people you care about. People can help ...
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by The Romneys

”Hotline“ is an interface to the hive mind. Ask anything you’d like (human) answers, opinions or insights to and Hotline will send the answers your way – as they arrive. Hotline will also gather background information, ...
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Travel Memories

by railstars

Travel Memories is a social network to track and share your trips. Simply connect with Foursquare and Facebook to export your check-ins and favourite photos, as well as the friends who shared the experience with you. S...
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by Literate Minutiae

Gig Blender brings artists and venues to together to provide a powerful solution for artists who want to find places to play and venues who need people to perform.
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by Taz!!!

Presentaztic is so Fantaztic!
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by Mosaic 3

Weevu, a super simple online tool for getting feedback on anything you can upload as an image. Just upload it, give us your reviewers email addresses, and we'll take care of the rest. Your reviewers can add notes to the im...
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by widdly scuds

Collaborative translation for youtube videos. Generates subtitles
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by <guten>

Following hashtags on Twitter can be difficult. As a business owner, or social media manager, you want to track the conversation on Twitter, but it's difficult from existing tools to gain insight at the hashtag level. Th...
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