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by Amigos

A location-based social app focused on connecting designers/developers/creatives in their local area.
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by Flick

Fly through your to-read backlog with! Do you use Instapaper to manage your to-read list? Do you have an impossible backlog of items to read? Flicky finds the patterns in the articles you've saved for l...
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by Ruby Rookies

Factualize!it handles Facts, ie triples of (Subject, Verb, Object). Users can insert facts and by following the chain of generated relations they can also discover new ones.
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Venue Menus

by Team Meat

Online Menu Platform - Make your menus searchable
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Fix my globe

by Qrafters

They say the internet is changing the world, so why not apply it for the good? That was our goal during a 48 hour so called hackathon called RailsRumble. We’re building a platform where people can contribute to making ...
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Send to Phone

by Hotpot

SEND TO PHONE is a website that allows you to send links and other information from your web browser to your Android device. By installing our bookmarklet to your browser, you can seamlessly send text, links, files to y...
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Web console

by just enother team

Some things is easier to do in command line. I tried to make command line for web apps (client side). This application make rails console available in browser. Also can be used as any kind of consoles. Included example ...
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Gaming Dwarf

by Gaming Dwarf

Let the Gaming Dwarf find the best games for you! Gaming Dwarf is a game discovery service. You tell him what games you play and your genre preferences and he will try to find more of the same.
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Guessing Game


Start guessing about your favorite actors, movies, cartoons, places, animals and much more!
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Chess Fight Club

by Timerepublik

The most revolutionary REAL TIME chess platform for the Ruby community... and not only! Obviously powered by Rails.
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by Modra Jagoda

Teachly is a remix of educational video sites and live chat. It enables students and teachers to connect based on matching categories in 1 to 1 video chat. Teachly was built to capture creativity and the thirst for knowled...
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by Readify

Deliver your content to e-Readers. Painlessly. For integration example go to:
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by Half/Nut

QAid is the fastest and easiest way to find those annoying bugs that drive users away from your site. QAid's Bounty Hunters users will be your Q.A department making sure you keep your site regularly tested, making your eve...
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Kobayashi Maru

by The Glimmer Twins

Kobayashi Maru, a Star Trek themed card game. Each player has a ship. You play cards to charge your shields, repair your ship, attack the enemy and gather resources. There are three resources. Each resource has a cre...
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by Slickage X Hicap

Nexus is very much like a wiki system but hides the ugly details from the user. It uses a very clean WYSIWYG editor and/or a markdown editor. The pages are then stored in a Git repository backed database, so you'll have ev...
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by rubicuori

Find your twin around the world.
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by codepro

You know that moment when you are faced with the following situation: Ok with that hunger, goes in remission and: OMG! No food! That's what we're here! The supplr application help you survive - in fact it helps you to not ...
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by weLaika

An easy and fast way to put your food on-line. Load your menu, your customers will book on-line, but they will pay and pick up at your place. A dashboard lets you keep everything under control, and helps you being on-sche...
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Rithmetic Rumble

by Hookers and Blow

Generate basic math worksheets and get PDF output in seconds.
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by Ham Doctors

service to Generate waveforms from audio
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Learn Me Somethin'

by Fuck Yeah Rails

Education on the web has a huge disconnect today. On one end, there are people with questions that need answering, and a lack of quality content to satisfy their needs. On the other end are aspiring content creators with v...
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by Prograils

ScrapsApp is code scraps collecting tool (aka snippets) with possibility to share them within a team or designated friend. App is created from need - almost everyday we have problems in office with sharing code - with one ...
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by Zero.One

Easy to use app to find, mash and share stickers on any subject. Upload your own sticker in any format and share it with fans or friends.
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by Twenty Percent

Create {{adjective}} stories to {{verb}} with your {{noun}}!
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by Saul Goodman Has A Posse

I'm not always on Facebook, but when I am, it's because there are people I actually care about. Many Facebook users have many "friends", but few people they are actually close to. The idea of the app is to keep up with the...
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