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Craft or Crap


Craft Or Crap is a project hatched during the Rails Rumble 2012 event and is intended to highlight the use of existing APIs within e-commerce applications, specifically within the handmade goods market. The site is also...
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by Red Indians

Pussy is Octo's girlfriend. They together wish to help you - the Engineers cum Project Managers to visualize your projects, milestones and tasks in a glance (and also to keep your bosses informed and happy)... Here'...
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by Foundation

Shipbot is a continuous build solution for Xcode Projects (iPhone right now) Wasn't able to finish—todos left where the build queue (got close to compiling on Ubuntu with Saurik's iPhone toolchain, but had to give up an...
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by AlcheMad

Description not yet provided.
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by Uptilt

Uptilt is the two player online card comparison game. Players draw cards from the deck and take it in turns to select a statistic, the player with the winning statistic takes both of the cards. The game is won by the playe...
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by Oi Oi Saveloy

An application for playing music in an office/group setting. There's a single player to stream the music and users get their own dashboard to vote songs up and down..... Fin. TESTING INSTRUCTIONS: We created a user ...
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Web console

by just enother team

Some things is easier to do in command line. I tried to make command line for web apps (client side). This application make rails console available in browser. Also can be used as any kind of consoles. Included example ...
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When & where?

by Skroutz Team One

Travel in time and space (only last 365 days available right now).
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Prophet Game

by Prophet Game

Prophet Game is a social betting game where people predict real world events and use virtual currency to bet.
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It's Who You Know

by Team Who You Know

It's not what you know, It's Who You Know. Whether you are activly looking for a new position, or just daydreaming about new opportunities, It's Who You Know is a resource for you to make real connections with people i...
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Social HN

by Social HN

How many times you have seen interesting articles or products on Hacker News and not been able to find them weeks later? We got a solution for you. It's a browser extension which unobtrusively tracks your up votes. You ...
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Do you enjoy MMA? Give us your bets. drives you through an easy and fun way to challenge your MMA knowledge. Enjoy MMA but not an addicted? No problem! looks for a fair way that will make it cool for ...
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by Evrone

Locate all your mates on a world map so that you know where your remote mates work and where they have their vacation.
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by Flying Machines

Scratching my own itch to merge a bunch of timelines in one: fetching data from Github, RSS (I'd like to add Trello, Dropbox, etc.). Of course, it'll be open-sourced.
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by belt-wearers

Every visitor to your site is a potential broadcaster of your content to hundreds, or even thousands of other people. Why not make it easy for them? ShareBar gets more clicks, views, and subscribers to your site in thr...
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Goose Feathers

by Blue Goose

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Canada Geese, Goose Feathers delivers your favorite webcomics in one neat bundle. Log in using your Google account to choose your set of comics; anonymous users just see eve...
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Guessing Game


Start guessing about your favorite actors, movies, cartoons, places, animals and much more!
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by Mustardamus

# What is jQfork? Or, maybe better, what was intended. jQfork is a community driven jQuery Plugin Library. Users can easily log in with GitHub. There is a "Linkpool" where Users and Non-Users can submit relevant link...
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Hand Warmer

by Boogeymen

Given you are on the go, when you can't check in then at least you can catch up. Hand Warmer is a Campfire client for your phone that is focused on those few moments waiting in line, riding the elevator, or walking down a ...
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NameThis - A naming tool for coders

by NameThis

Names are important, and often hard to get right. Whether it is a Book, an Application, or even just a single Class in your application, its name defines its future, and sometimes, the quest for the right name even leads t...
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Catch Up

by NaN

Summary view of your twitter timeline, which will show only metadata (title, image if any, small description, etc) about urls shared on twitter with you (home timeline). The idea is that you won't miss the interesting s...
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Guess The Friend!

by Arrr!

"How well do you know your Facebook friends?" -- This game gathers relevant information about one of your friends, computes a list of hints, and asks you to guess who she is from a set of 24 friends, by elimination. Bonus ...
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by Dork Knights

Conferences are meant to be places where like minded people come to network but in big events, more often than not most hackers end up restricting themselves to a limited group of people around them. is an ap...
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by Fovea

Making it easy for families and friends to borrow or lend to each other. Keep track of loan transaction, repayments, history and reports. Ensure repayments and enhance relationships through a helping hand
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by Incorgnito

A game where you guess your friends' favorite albums from their heavy rotation list on Rdio. You can play with your friends if you have an Rdio account. If not, you can play with a random set of users.
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