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by Zombies on Rails is a tool designed to sharpen your card skills. If you want to impress your friends, find a girlfriend/boyfriend, or just win at poker, you came to the right place. (Sorry no gambling allowed here) Harnessing ...
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by MoshTronics

Kumoboard is a high score and leader board service aimed to developers that needs a high score and leader board system for their app, game or whatever it can be. Kumoboard offers a very simple API that lets you perform ...
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Bike Bus(ão)

by Jurema

A simple way to create and share cycling routes.
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by The Brothers Hoad

Give your kids a list of tasks that, when completed, earns them points to spend on booty in your mini rewards store.
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by Littlelines

Floatt is a simple way for friends to stay informed on funds borrowed and split in your daily life. Join today to start seeing where you floatt your money the most and get paid back quckly and easily!
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by AlcheMad

Description not yet provided.
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by Oi Oi Saveloy

An application for playing music in an office/group setting. There's a single player to stream the music and users get their own dashboard to vote songs up and down..... Fin. TESTING INSTRUCTIONS: We created a user ...
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Social HN

by Social HN

How many times you have seen interesting articles or products on Hacker News and not been able to find them weeks later? We got a solution for you. It's a browser extension which unobtrusively tracks your up votes. You ...
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NameThis - A naming tool for coders

by NameThis

Names are important, and often hard to get right. Whether it is a Book, an Application, or even just a single Class in your application, its name defines its future, and sometimes, the quest for the right name even leads t...
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by Incorgnito

A game where you guess your friends' favorite albums from their heavy rotation list on Rdio. You can play with your friends if you have an Rdio account. If not, you can play with a random set of users.
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by Andrew & Mandy

LinkLurker is a simple interface for your bookmarks. Email links to yourself and they show up in your dashboard.
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Open Source Impact

by Saint Coders

Show your open-source commitment to the world. Send a link to your page to your peers or share it with your protfolio. Using "Similar" find those who will be interested to work with you or for you. Make visible a ...
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by AccountaBill

AccountaBill helps you get things done by giving you a monetary incentive. Attach a dollar amount (something small like $5) and a friends email address to a to do item, and if you don't finish the task in time, they get an...
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Real Life Social

by TimeHome

It doesn't matter how many friends you have on facebook if you don't actually meet them. Get real! Get Real Life Social!
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by IOMike

Description not yet provided.
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Plan Swiftly

by Fu Yong Fighters

Share lodging information, assign rooms, task out purchases, organize carpooling and more!
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by SMIK Industries

Generate iOS6 Passbook passes for your medications.
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by Ruby Rookies

Factualize!it handles Facts, ie triples of (Subject, Verb, Object). Users can insert facts and by following the chain of generated relations they can also discover new ones.
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Deploy Button

by Team Lizi

Deploy button makes it easy to deploy any site as easy as one click. Hooks Github/Dropbox along with Heroku/Capistrano/SSH/SFTP to provide the easiest deploy trigger ever. --Team Lizi
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by Liger Cheese

We're trying to help you find the best food in your area. Want to know where the best pasta in London is? Or do you want to find the best Breakfast Burrito in San Francisco. Let us find it for you.
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by codeword:creative

SprintMob helps you organize, track and join feature sprints for your favorite projects. The website seeks to make agile development active, social, transparent and fun.
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CV Maker

by GaldoMagic

The best CV management for programmers as You
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Popup Party

by Luchadores

Popup Party allows you to bring serendipity and jovial happenings to your life in an impromptu manner. Whenever you party, we're there to help you get in poppin'. Disclaimer: Popup Party is NOT a hookup service, just a...
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by Khaos X

A (hipster) social Dashboard
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Chess Fight Club

by Timerepublik

The most revolutionary REAL TIME chess platform for the Ruby community... and not only! Obviously powered by Rails.
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