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by objetiva

Pin Map makes it easy to track any topic on a map and let's you share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, email or any website. Want some examples? Imagine you're going to surf in Hawaii and want to know the...
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by Rockstar Dynamos

Dead-simple and elegant social feed app.
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by Pantalones

ROFLbeatz is a web-based audio sequencing for mixing phat beatz! Vote up songs that you like to get them on the front page. Uses the advanced HTML 5 audio mixing API.
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Chess Fight Club

by Timerepublik

The most revolutionary REAL TIME chess platform for the Ruby community... and not only! Obviously powered by Rails.
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by Pickle Surprise

RailsPG aims to bring the classic tabletop RPG experience to the web. It doesn't matter where you and your friends are, you can enjoy the good old RPG sessions with dice rolling, character sheets and NPCs by just loggin...
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by Vertigo

Description not yet provided.
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by unplugg

Your personal stats trainer. A personal dashboard of your life stats, from Runkeeper, Foursquare, Rescuetime, and others, that will be taken in account, analyzed and then our coach will let you know what you should or shou...
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by Foosleague

Warning! There will be no such thing as a friendly or casual foosball match once you have logged your first game in FooLeague. Foosleague features league ladder ranking at both the individual and team levels. If you ...
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Bark is a fun and simple way to gather and analyze opinions. See it in action by lending us your opinion: The results are available here:
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by weLaika

An easy and fast way to put your food on-line. Load your menu, your customers will book on-line, but they will pay and pick up at your place. A dashboard lets you keep everything under control, and helps you being on-sche...
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Sebastian CI

by Waterloo Napoleons

Open source CI project with tight integration with Github. Uses Vagrant to isolate builds (unfinished). I will continue to work on it. Please check it out at
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by The Lost Gems

India, great country but lots of bad toilets. Dirty toilets/bathrooms can endanger a person's health and happiness. We are out to solve this with...ToiletWarrior! ToiletWarrior is a guide to toilets/bathrooms at r...
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by Prograils

ScrapsApp is code scraps collecting tool (aka snippets) with possibility to share them within a team or designated friend. App is created from need - almost everyday we have problems in office with sharing code - with one ...
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by Yexio

Yexio = YouTube + Vh1's Popup Video
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Rumbling Brook

by Cybernetic Meadow

This app is broken. :) I decided to go solo on this one, aimed too high and simply ran out of time even after choosing to only sleep for 5 hrs during the entire competition. I will be finishing it after the deadline reg...
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Whats the Wait Time

by ByteMe

Allows people to find the wait times for restaurants and allows restaurants to post their wait times online. Users can sign up for free on the site, and search for restaurants by name or the address. They can save their...
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Bike Bus(ão)

by Jurema

A simple way to create and share cycling routes.
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by weLaika //2

Kill your inbox, raise your karma! Mailstat helps you deal with your email overload problems by enforcing good practices inspired by the internet-famous Inbox Zero manifest.
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by Uptilt

Uptilt is the two player online card comparison game. Players draw cards from the deck and take it in turns to select a statistic, the player with the winning statistic takes both of the cards. The game is won by the playe...
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Prophet Game

by Prophet Game

Prophet Game is a social betting game where people predict real world events and use virtual currency to bet.
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by Flying Machines

Scratching my own itch to merge a bunch of timelines in one: fetching data from Github, RSS (I'd like to add Trello, Dropbox, etc.). Of course, it'll be open-sourced.
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Catch Up

by NaN

Summary view of your twitter timeline, which will show only metadata (title, image if any, small description, etc) about urls shared on twitter with you (home timeline). The idea is that you won't miss the interesting s...
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by Twintend

Real-time web chat for teams with intelligent backlog, content filtering, file sharing, mentions, automatic link detection an embedded content generator.
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Password reGeneration and Synchronization Daemon

by Ruby Knights

A Ruby on Rails application that cyclically generates a new password, per user, per pre-selected amount of time (divied by day, week, month, month(n), etc). This new password will be the placeholder for new passwords on sy...
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by Forward

Minespace is a place to share your skills in Minecraft with other players. Features include: * Listing stats and achievements for players who upload their game save. * Custom achievements and users suggested achieve...
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