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by Flick

Fly through your to-read backlog with! Do you use Instapaper to manage your to-read list? Do you have an impossible backlog of items to read? Flicky finds the patterns in the articles you've saved for l...
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by Hooppers -

Monitor your online domains and check few SEO infos.
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Get Feedback

by Project: Gorilla is a fast way to generate polls for other users. No registration is required for either generating a poll or answering one. Furthermore, we provide a gem and with a commandline tool 'command-feedback' at ...
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Score Anything

by globaldev

Enter scores for all manner of sports and track your progress against your opponents! Manage your ladder and see your win/loss percentage. *NOTE TO JUDGES*: When adding players to a ladder, it says email addresses are o...
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by Divshot is a tool for software teams to be able to easily create embeddable, shareable changelogs based on their GitHub activity. To get started, you can simply create a project and add a webhook to a GitHub account...
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by MoshTronics

Kumoboard is a high score and leader board service aimed to developers that needs a high score and leader board system for their app, game or whatever it can be. Kumoboard offers a very simple API that lets you perform ...
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Venue Menus

by Team Meat

Online Menu Platform - Make your menus searchable
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Gief News

by Bergen Ruby Brigade

Submit interesting links, vote on other links and look at what the netizens of the blogosphere are voting up right now!
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by The Brothers Hoad

Give your kids a list of tasks that, when completed, earns them points to spend on booty in your mini rewards store.
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Bad Parrot

by Team Jessica Alba

A free online game that brings out the potty mouth in you and your friends. Some of the worlds most important questions need answering. You and your friends are a flock of potty mouth parrots that battle for the funnie...
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Lean Wall

by ActiveEngineer

A place to work on business models yourself, with your team or with new people.
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Craft or Crap


Craft Or Crap is a project hatched during the Rails Rumble 2012 event and is intended to highlight the use of existing APIs within e-commerce applications, specifically within the handmade goods market. The site is also...
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Guessing Game


Start guessing about your favorite actors, movies, cartoons, places, animals and much more!
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NameThis - A naming tool for coders

by NameThis

Names are important, and often hard to get right. Whether it is a Book, an Application, or even just a single Class in your application, its name defines its future, and sometimes, the quest for the right name even leads t...
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Jingle Boogie

by Visuality

Have you ever wanted to post a quote from a movie as a punchline? Have you ever watched a movie that really sucked all the way, but had one really great scene in it? Have you ever wanted to listen to a short part of a vi...
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by Nick

UCommently is a serious for real viral startup that crowd sources and harvests "Funny YouTube Comments" for "Entertainment Purposes Only" (see GPL). License MIT © 2012 Nick Barth
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by Large Hadron Collider

Tukio is event in Swahili, is a complete event management solution. Tukio works off your mobile phone, helping you plan your events, while helping you enjoy them, share it with your friends, and revisit them. ...
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by devdiva

personal goals & wish fulfillment
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by Andrew & Mandy

LinkLurker is a simple interface for your bookmarks. Email links to yourself and they show up in your dashboard.
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by Hans Solo intends to quickly answer the age old question, "where should we go?" With destinations and tips aggregated from popular social applications users will quickly find the best their city has to offer.
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Open Source Impact

by Saint Coders

Show your open-source commitment to the world. Send a link to your page to your peers or share it with your protfolio. Using "Similar" find those who will be interested to work with you or for you. Make visible a ...
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Hack Spanish

by equipo

Trying to learn Spanish? Hack Spanish is here to help.
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by Code Slingers

A social site for discovering and sharing great locations to take photographs.
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by codepro

You know that moment when you are faced with the following situation: Ok with that hunger, goes in remission and: OMG! No food! That's what we're here! The supplr application help you survive - in fact it helps you to not ...
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by Chazinho

Tired of feeling deeply hungry without anything inside refrigerator? Feeling your stomach rumble when neighbors start cooking some delicious food? Enough! With Rango™ you can find a place near you to grab some cheap, delic...
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