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by Divshot is a tool for software teams to be able to easily create embeddable, shareable changelogs based on their GitHub activity. To get started, you can simply create a project and add a webhook to a GitHub account...
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by belt-wearers

Every visitor to your site is a potential broadcaster of your content to hundreds, or even thousands of other people. Why not make it easy for them? ShareBar gets more clicks, views, and subscribers to your site in thr...
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Chess Fight Club

by Timerepublik

The most revolutionary REAL TIME chess platform for the Ruby community... and not only! Obviously powered by Rails.
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Track My Courses

by Octopus

Ever tried to study 2+ courses at edX and/or Coursera? Ever got into trouble because of forgotten homework? Ever tried to do planning depending on how much to learn this week? This app will help you successfully complet...
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Craft or Crap


Craft Or Crap is a project hatched during the Rails Rumble 2012 event and is intended to highlight the use of existing APIs within e-commerce applications, specifically within the handmade goods market. The site is also...
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by Liger Cheese

We're trying to help you find the best food in your area. Want to know where the best pasta in London is? Or do you want to find the best Breakfast Burrito in San Francisco. Let us find it for you.
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by humans provides an easy interface for combining audio clips that you have laying around and sharing them with the world. Great for trolling your fellow co-worker.
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by EI

Wrylo is a disruptive (no, really) e-publishing platform that aims to connect writers with their fans, and with editors and illustrators who can help make their publishing ideas into reality. Wrylo allows writers to pub...
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by weLaika

An easy and fast way to put your food on-line. Load your menu, your customers will book on-line, but they will pay and pick up at your place. A dashboard lets you keep everything under control, and helps you being on-sche...
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by Code Slingers

A social site for discovering and sharing great locations to take photographs.
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by Prograils

ScrapsApp is code scraps collecting tool (aka snippets) with possibility to share them within a team or designated friend. App is created from need - almost everyday we have problems in office with sharing code - with one ...
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Higgins Armory Museum Online Catalog

by Higgins Heros

Online access to the collection data for the Higgins Armory Museum ( This app allows the public to browse and interact with one of the largest collections of arms and armor in the Western Hemisphere.
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Travel Memories

by railstars

Travel Memories is a social network to track and share your trips. Simply connect with Foursquare and Facebook to export your check-ins and favourite photos, as well as the friends who shared the experience with you. S...
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by weLaika //2

Kill your inbox, raise your karma! Mailstat helps you deal with your email overload problems by enforcing good practices inspired by the internet-famous Inbox Zero manifest.
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by dtime + shaine

An application to help people figure out when everyone is free for an event with minimal fuss.
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by <guten>

Following hashtags on Twitter can be difficult. As a business owner, or social media manager, you want to track the conversation on Twitter, but it's difficult from existing tools to gain insight at the hashtag level. Th...
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by Scheve Pater

Your place to sell & buy gift vouchers! Kupong is a coupon distribution system. Enterpreneurs can sell gift vouchers free of charge. People who want to suprise somebody can buy a gift voucher. This gift voucher’s value...
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Catch Up

by NaN

Summary view of your twitter timeline, which will show only metadata (title, image if any, small description, etc) about urls shared on twitter with you (home timeline). The idea is that you won't miss the interesting s...
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by iDK boundaries

Rafflin is a fun and easy way to do raffles or giveaways online!
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by Cider

Cider is an attractive, intuitive marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned Apple products. We make it extremely easy to create beautiful listings for the devices you'd like to sell, or to find the perfect device for yo...
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by continuum

It's time to pay foy your sins to save your soul! Be redeem helping charity organizations causes to change the world So keep sinning, then help charity organizations on the way
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by Forward

Minespace is a place to share your skills in Minecraft with other players. Features include: * Listing stats and achievements for players who upload their game save. * Custom achievements and users suggested achieve...
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AIO combines BPM and ERP. Standard Rails Actions are mapped to business process steps. Business processes are started as business processes instances and tracked using tokens. The edit_aio and update_aio action encapsulate...
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Fix my globe

by Qrafters

They say the internet is changing the world, so why not apply it for the good? That was our goal during a 48 hour so called hackathon called RailsRumble. We’re building a platform where people can contribute to making ...
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by CodePath

Enter the destinations and estimates of your expenses. Share with your travel group and get the most out of your money. We do the maths for you.
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