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by Evrone

Locate all your mates on a world map so that you know where your remote mates work and where they have their vacation.
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by Project: Gorilla is a fast way to generate polls for other users. No registration is required for either generating a poll or answering one. Furthermore, we provide a gem and with a commandline tool 'command-feedback' at ...
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by RescueJS

A service to catch unhandled exceptions in JavaScript. You add a javascript snippet to your page, and we provide a dashboard showing you the errors that occur in each browser, how often, and how many users are affected. ...
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by Foundation

Shipbot is a continuous build solution for Xcode Projects (iPhone right now) Wasn't able to finish—todos left where the build queue (got close to compiling on Ubuntu with Saurik's iPhone toolchain, but had to give up an...
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by Starkast

Our application will remind the user about expiring domain names and expiring certificates. No sign up needed! Be sure to try it out with a friend (open the same URL both). :-)
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by Fanaticos de Waveya

Youlist is a free online on-demand music player based in the biggest music library ever known, Youtube. Make your online music playlists and share it with your friends. The application can be used (almost) also in iPad ...
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by The Brothers Hoad

Give your kids a list of tasks that, when completed, earns them points to spend on booty in your mini rewards store.
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by Three O'Five

Say good-bye to paper forms...forever. With the Formbit app you can quickly and easily create a form online, generate a unique QR code to that form and then collect data using your unique QR code. Just sit back and watch t...
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by .rb is a simple forum application from Germany. note: github sign in works from the URL only.
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Icon Haiku

by Iconoclast Labs

Create fun, interesting and quirky Haiku with your friends, but do it with the rich and cutting imagery of iconic symbols! What better project for ICONoclast labs, than to mess with icons?
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by Singlebrook Technology

Crowdsourced emergency communication. TweetBeacon makes it easy for you to retweet critical information during an emergency. Sign in to become an amplifier for organizations that you care about, or request to become a B...
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by binarycode

This trendy web service is designed to help hipsters on their lonely hipster trips across the country. Got a spare seat on your Vespa? Get to know fellow hipsters that can join you on your trip and listen together to that...
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NameThis - A naming tool for coders

by NameThis

Names are important, and often hard to get right. Whether it is a Book, an Application, or even just a single Class in your application, its name defines its future, and sometimes, the quest for the right name even leads t...
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by creeper_stache

Learn anything with LearnMeSome_! A flash card app using the spaced repetition learning technique. We send you email notifications when it's most optimal for you to come back to the site and re-run a set of flash cards. Th...
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Shadow Maps

by Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad

Inspired by the TV show "Supernatural", Shadow Maps is a tool for any hunter of supernatural beings. Shadow Maps gives you the positions of sightings, and lets you collaborate with other hunters during an investigation. ...
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Gist M.D.

by Brainspec

The missing markdown gist editor. Features: - Editing your markdown gists - Live preview of generated HTML - Code highlight in preview - Sharing link to your gist
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Open Source Impact

by Saint Coders

Show your open-source commitment to the world. Send a link to your page to your peers or share it with your protfolio. Using "Similar" find those who will be interested to work with you or for you. Make visible a ...
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by Agile Bastards brings Capistrano deployments to the masses. Select recipes from our library. Add your own. Download the Capfile. Ship it! Find our repo and gem at
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Your Turn!

by BoredGamers

We're addicted to board games, so we made an app to keep up with our scores over time.
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by Blessers

Share when you get goose bumps when you listen a song / track.
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by Hooppers -

Monitor your online domains and check few SEO infos.
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by Littlelines

Floatt is a simple way for friends to stay informed on funds borrowed and split in your daily life. Join today to start seeing where you floatt your money the most and get paid back quckly and easily!
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by is instant feedback. Create a quick poll and you get a short URL that's easy to remember and quick to share. Follow along as the results tick in, all rendered beautifully in real-time. Fol...
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by Shitcode

Allows to post shitcode from github to this site with Firefox/Google Chrome add-ons. Users are able to comment this code and rate it, it's rather funny, trust us! The goal of our site is to allow post peaces of shitcode...
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Gief News

by Bergen Ruby Brigade

Submit interesting links, vote on other links and look at what the netizens of the blogosphere are voting up right now!
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