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by Blessers

Share when you get goose bumps when you listen a song / track.
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by weLaika //2

Kill your inbox, raise your karma! Mailstat helps you deal with your email overload problems by enforcing good practices inspired by the internet-famous Inbox Zero manifest.
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by Postscript on the Societies of Control

This is the first cut of a hopefully-long-lasting project where we will catalog and canonicalise ISBN records and serve the data to ourselves and others through a simple API. One of the challenges is to flatten our noti...
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by Large Hadron Collider

Tukio is event in Swahili, is a complete event management solution. Tukio works off your mobile phone, helping you plan your events, while helping you enjoy them, share it with your friends, and revisit them. ...
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by Bitwise Operators

A self-updating aggregator for popular and new scientific content ranked by a combination of mentions on social media sites, the freshness of content, the amount of click-throughs and whether the content is open access or ...
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Catch Up

by NaN

Summary view of your twitter timeline, which will show only metadata (title, image if any, small description, etc) about urls shared on twitter with you (home timeline). The idea is that you won't miss the interesting s...
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by Earkmarkd

The 2012 Presidential election is drawing near and Americans are spending quite a bit of time learning more about the important issues for our country. Earmarkd helps ensure that sure that no matter what direction you ...
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Dirty Deckit

by LVRUG Team 2

Browser-based Cards Against Humanity (see that doesn't suck.
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by Evrone, Jr

Personal recommendation service for Github repositories.
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by Brogrammers

Jamin helps musicians organizing jam sessions and looking for mates to play with. Create a jam by specifying place, time and music genre. Add the instruments you need and specify which of those you will be playing durin...
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by Forward

Minespace is a place to share your skills in Minecraft with other players. Features include: * Listing stats and achievements for players who upload their game save. * Custom achievements and users suggested achieve...
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by barceloners

Ntranslate is an application to help you manage the internationalization of your rails project. You can upload your project's YAML files, have them translated and export the results!
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by Evrone

Locate all your mates on a world map so that you know where your remote mates work and where they have their vacation.
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by Platform45

Cinderella uses geolocation to reunite lost and found items with their rightful owners. Given a few basic details about an item, we compare descriptions to find a match. People often lose or find items at events such as...
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by Starkast

Our application will remind the user about expiring domain names and expiring certificates. No sign up needed! Be sure to try it out with a friend (open the same URL both). :-)
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by Mikamayhem

Search for recipes in a fast, instant way! InstaRecipe allows you to search through a huge database of recipes, searching for ingredients or recipe names. The results update in realtime, as you type, and the applicat...
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Date Night!

by Close Enough

Date Night! Ever have trouble finding new and fun things to do for a night out on the town? Date Night will help you find that by showing you all sorts of cool stuff in a certain area. Want to see whats close to your...
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by gangnamers

This app would showcase a technology that let you add arbitrary metadata to your git commits, and track insightful metrics during code development - the example we provide is the one which best fitted an hackathon: caffeine!
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by Attested Development

ARSS allows you to take inputs from various sources, such as emails and github commit webhooks, and combine them into a meaningful output we call Parcels. The goal is to allow one set of disparate inputs become a cohesive...
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by Frogs Legion

Judges and Pastafarians we come with a message from his Noodleness. A message filled with meat, meat-balls and tomatoes. We believe that we can bring fellow Pastafarians together towards the great appendages of his Nood...
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Gist M.D.

by Brainspec

The missing markdown gist editor. Features: - Editing your markdown gists - Live preview of generated HTML - Code highlight in preview - Sharing link to your gist
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by SampLooper

Are you a musician? Do you need loops? Create your loop here and share them with your friends
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by The Lassos

Description not yet provided.
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by AlcheMad

Description not yet provided.
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by method_missing

Listmetrics is a dead easy way to analyze and get insights into any list. It could be a marketing lead list or a student scores list or ecommerce sales list or just about any list. With Listmetrics, you can get in-depth an...
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