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Folder Chute

by Mandelbrots

Why is still hard to share files with your friends and co-workers? What if sharing was just a link away? Pick your folder on Dropbox, Drive, Skydrive or almost any other service and send your friends a link to your files i...
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Speaker Voice

by Speaker Voice

Speaker Voice is the easiest way to add an audio narration to your slides on Speaker Deck.
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by Zef

PayParty helps you track borrowed money and expenses you share with others. Settle up with Dwolla's low transaction fees, or on your own. You can use PayParty on your own, but get more out of it when your friends sign up too.
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Jingle Boogie

by Visuality

Have you ever wanted to post a quote from a movie as a punchline? Have you ever watched a movie that really sucked all the way, but had one really great scene in it? Have you ever wanted to listen to a short part of a vi...
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by Uptilt

Uptilt is the two player online card comparison game. Players draw cards from the deck and take it in turns to select a statistic, the player with the winning statistic takes both of the cards. The game is won by the playe...
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by admin123

Tourlette is an application that helps you find the best route to travel to any destination you choose. Add descriptions of the places you have visited and then create your new route. It's the best app to make your plan. I...
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by wubwub

noti-fu is simple notifications hub. You can create events, configure notification transport and its options and get link to event. One event fired, You will be notified through selected transports. If there are a lot of s...
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by Caffeine Maniacs

Quick and simple way to collect payments from your friends: 1) Login with PayPal 2) Enter what you want to collect the money for and how much per person 3) Share the link with your friends && Profit!! Your friends wi...
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Hack Spanish

by equipo

Trying to learn Spanish? Hack Spanish is here to help.
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by Twenty Percent

Create {{adjective}} stories to {{verb}} with your {{noun}}!
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Zero Hour

by Loose Knuckles

Zero Hour helps your organization develop business continuity plans online. Here's a list of some of our features Create an account for you and your company Invite coworkers and other personnel to create accounts C...
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by pixtachio

Description not yet provided.
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by Frogs Legion

Judges and Pastafarians we come with a message from his Noodleness. A message filled with meat, meat-balls and tomatoes. We believe that we can bring fellow Pastafarians together towards the great appendages of his Nood...
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by Shitcode

Allows to post shitcode from github to this site with Firefox/Google Chrome add-ons. Users are able to comment this code and rate it, it's rather funny, trust us! The goal of our site is to allow post peaces of shitcode...
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by Ma... the MEATLOAF!

Twitrang helps you to keep track of the stuff you lend or borrow using your Twitter account.
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by codeword:creative

SprintMob helps you organize, track and join feature sprints for your favorite projects. The website seeks to make agile development active, social, transparent and fun.
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by Kings of the Lab

Organize dinner parties and household cooking by letting people claim what to bring and what is needed.
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Convey all the way...

by Convey Stack

Was great learning experience, but you are going to want to keep on moving... [nothing to see here sadly...] Check out 'Foosleague' and 'Folder Chute' though! Kevin
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Character Tome

by Destructor

Character Tome is an application to manage your personal "Character Tome" as described in Chris Hardwick's book "The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (In Real Life)." You can choose a name for yourself (real or ma...
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by Verx

Blogging has always been such a hassle. Volla tries to remove the pain, by being as simple as it can. You sign in with Twitter, write your article, and boom. You're done. You can tweet it, copy the link and email it to ...
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by AlcheMad

Description not yet provided.
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by Gangnam Style

BabyCasts is an application created to help parents all over the world to share and find the bests baby hints and solutions for the most unexpected problems. Cause there is always a first time to have a baby either.
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by TopGun

A ranking to compare the performance of developers on contributing for open source projects based on commits, projects, periodicity, etc.
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Clear Classes

by Decoder

An application for students and teachers to easily view/create grades, quizzes, course materials and more.
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by BrandyMint

Potee - Simple Timeline Project Management System. How often happened, that, when working on multiple projects at the same time, you forgot about the business meeting or a planned release? Well, it happens sometimes wit...
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