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M. Sc. student and web dev from Germany

Favorite Entries

  • #1

    Gist M.D. by Brainspec

    The missing markdown gist editor. Features: - Editing your markdown gists - Live preview of generated HTML - Code ...
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  • #2
    V200_team-148 by Grumpy Cat makes it easy to find the best online sources for tv series and movies that are available for you to watch onl...
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  • #3
    V200_team-201 by Divshot is a tool for software teams to be able to easily create embeddable, shareable changelogs based on their GitHu...
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  • #4

    Shitcode by Shitcode

    Allows to post shitcode from github to this site with Firefox/Google Chrome add-ons. Users are able to comment this code a...
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  • #5

    Dasher by aTech Media

    Dasher provides you with an all-in-one solution for displaying all your vital business analytics on a large screen display...
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  • #6

    {{docs_gone_wild}} by AlphaTeam

    Create document templates with placeholders. Then generate documents from your templates like a snap! One template - thous...
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