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Bartlomiej Kozal

Favorite Entries

  • #1

    Blacksmith by Railsheads

    Blacksmith is a tool to easily generate and manage icon web fonts out of simple SVG files. This gives you: * Infinite s...
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  • #2

    Dasher by aTech Media

    Dasher provides you with an all-in-one solution for displaying all your vital business analytics on a large screen display...
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  • #3

    Open Source Impact by Saint Coders

    Show your open-source commitment to the world. Send a link to your page to your peers or share it with your protfolio. ...
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  • #4

    SignThese by SignThese

    Sign and get documents signed right from your inbox.
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  • #5

    TwinMe by rubicuori

    Find your twin around the world.
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  • #6
    V200_team-201 by Divshot is a tool for software teams to be able to easily create embeddable, shareable changelogs based on their GitHu...
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  • #7

    InstaRecipe by Mikamayhem

    Search for recipes in a fast, instant way! InstaRecipe allows you to search through a huge database of recipes, searchi...
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  • #8

    Your Turn! by BoredGamers

    We're addicted to board games, so we made an app to keep up with our scores over time.
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  • #9

    ContriHub by ContriHub

    We bring together developers willing to contribute and projects that need contributions. Open source contributions are ...
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  • #10

    Github Deathstar by The Star Cleaners

    -> Browse your Github starred repositories through a clean interface. -> Get everything you need to decide at a glance. ...
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